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Asphalt Mastic Joint And Crack Melter/Applicator - BIGA-15MAS

2023 Notice: While supply chain problems are better than last year, we anticipate them to continue for 2023. Please expect some delays. view details

Overview of the 15 gallon BIGA asphalt mastic joint and crack melter applicator
BIG A 15 Gallon Asphalt Mastic Rubber Push Melter/Applicator
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Liftgate service will move the item from the bed of the truck, to the ground ONLY. You must have a way to handle it on the ground. If you have a forklift, you don't need liftgate service which saves you money.
Quick Overview: 
  • Designed specifically for pot pour mastic rubber material
  • Heat and Pour All-In-One
  • 15 Gallon capacity for extra coverage


The BIG A Mastic Pavement Crack Applicator is specially designed to melt and apply mastic crack sealer when repairing pavement cracks.

Mastic Sealer is the latest technology for the long-term repair of the following:

  • Skin Patching • Distressed Areas
  • Alligator Cracking
  • Re-leveling Recessed Areas
  • Thermal Cracks
  • Bridge Joints
  • Utility Cuts

Since mastic sealer contains aggerate, this melter/applicator is designed for gravity application and uses a large shoe screed and chute allowing the thick melted aggerate to easily be applied to the crack. And while the design of this applicator is similar to our Big A Melter/Applicator, the two machines have different purposes.

Mastic sealer is a very thick sealant that bonds with the existing asphalt pavement and much more durable than hot fill rubber sealers, and usually more durable in high traffic areas or climates where hot fill usually needs to be re-applied every year or two. Mastic sealers are ideal for asphalt pavement cracks and joints over 2” wide, and traffic can usually be allowed to drive on the repaired area in just a few hours.

While this melter/applicator does have a built-in burner to keep the mastic hot, it will need to be used in conjunction with a Stationary Melter which will heat and melt the material to its ideal application temperature of approx 400 degrees. This Mastic Melter Applicator can easily be filled using our ProPatch 55 Mastic Stationary Agitated Kettle when mounted on a trailer allowing the user to re-fill the applicator.

Using a mastic melter applicator can be faster than traditional hand tools by allowing your crews to run cracks while the truck moves on.  Maybe there's joint areas where it's difficult to get a truck over it.  By having a mastic push melter in play, it doesn't tie your crew to your truck at the hip and gives them freedom to fill joints at key locations, all from a single individual.


  • Easy Push Design

  • Insulated Material Box



Empty Weight

145 lbs

Fill Height


Fuel source

Propane bottle (Not supplied)

Fuel capacity

20 lb bottle

Heat Type

Direct Fire Torch




Shipping Weight
Weight: 150 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 47 in × 33 in × 36 in