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Starting An Asphalt Sealcoating Business

Owning your own Asphalt Sealcoating Business can be a great opportunity

If you're considering starting an Asphalt Sealcoating Business, you're going to greatly benefit from this information.

This section of our website is an ongoing process of business information for the individual who is thinking of starting an Asphalt Sealing Business and needs information on where to find resources, different kinds of equipment and how to market their new business.

We will be discussing franchise opportunities, going on your own and the expected costs to get started in a sealcoating business.

We also will showcase several companies, some established and some less than a year old and they will share their challenges with you helping you not make the same mistakes!

Our featured business' are Black Dawg Sealcoat© which is a highly respected and legitimate franchise opportunity and "Pave The Way" Asphalt Sealcoating which is a small start-up that just got going mid-July of 2007 in Wichita Kansas.

We will interview these companies and help you understand the differences in purchasing a "System Business", meaning a "Ready To Go Business" that offers training as well as call taking and name recognition, compared to starting from scratch, making mistakes and staying lean while you learn the ropes.

How about insurance issues and marketing? A small business owner has to take into consideration all of these issues. We will help you understand these issues and address them and give you great ideas that you can use in your new Sealcoating Business.

Just something to think about... "Pave The Way" a "From Scratch" business had a NET Profit of $80,000.00 in four months after their start-up in Mid July 2007.

I talked to the owner in December 2008 and they had just purchased a Sealcoating Machine costing over $14,000.00 and keeping in mind that they started with our Sealcoating Spray System which only cost $1,025. They built their customer base with a very basic system and did a tremendous amount of legwork (I call this Ambition) in the beginning and now is investing in larger more complex equipment.

Asphalt Sealcoating Direct© offers several free resources and guides to teach you about this viable Business Opportunity and entry-level equipment as well as Combination Equipment Packages offering the new Business Owners several pieces of equipment at discount prices to help you start your business quickly and cost-efficiently.

Our FREE Business Resources Include:

We will be discussing overall profitability and start-up costs as well as a strategy for growing your business.

  • Insurance
  • Money management
  • Marketing
  • Money Sources
  • Bidding Jobs
  • Training
  • Staffing
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Legal Representation

These are just a few of the issues that you will need to be aware of as you get your new business off the ground.

Another important consideration is deciding what aspect of the business you plan to peruse. I have talked to several new business owners lately and most of them plan to diversify and offer several services to their customers. These services include:

Steve Cole, owner of Cole Brothers offers software that helps teach you the necessary steps if you decide to start a business on your own. His Sealcoating Business guide is a great resource to help you begin and understand the Sealcoating Business and Parking Lot Striping Business.

Sound complicated? It's really a lot easier than you might think and it's very possible to succeed if you stick to a business plan and budget.