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Learn How To Build A Parking Lot Striping Business

Start A Parking Lot Business Guide
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Quick Overview: 
  • Learn how to line stripe parking lots and more
  • Authored by line striping veteran Dan Zurcher
  • Teaches you how to build a business as a line striper
  • Parking Lot Striping Business

    Learn how to build a Parking Lot Striping Business with this easy to follow information packed book that will teach you the Pavement Line Striping Business.

    Dan Zurcher has owned and operated American Striping for over 25 years and performs most of the work by himself and will teach you how to create huge profits from the Parking Lot Striping Business.

    Get a taste of what you'll read in the book:

    What to Expect

    Here's just a few things Dan covers:

    • Layouts
    • Marketing
    • Costing Jobs
    • Estimating
    • Material selection
    • Equipment selection

    Dan will explain and teach you how to layout a "head-in" parking lot... angled parking... parallel parking... and stalls on a curve.

    He will share how to stencil quickly so that everything is lined up and pretty... including "drive lane" directional arrows... even if they're 243' apart.

    Let's not forget small intersections. You will learn to tell how to "block them down". You'll also need to know how to stripe playground games... Dan will tell you that too. (And their pricing.)

    And whats more... if you're interested in one of the "best start up businesses" or if you're interested in expanding your existing business... you'll need to know "start up" costs... $4000.00 or less and most of that is machine cost of around $2000.00 to $3500.00.

    Short Excerpt

    And... since I (Dan) own both types of "parking lot line striping machines"... the $3500.00 types... not the $75.00 kind... and you only need to buy one... I will compare them.

    Final Thoughts

    You cannot afford not to read this excellent "How To Manual" if you're considering starting your own Parking Lot Striping or Maintenance Business.

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