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Pallet of 8 Inch QUIK SEAM Asphalt Crack Tape

Overview of a bucket and roll of 8 inch QuikSeam representing a full pallet
Side-by-side of 2 rolls of 8" crack tape
Man applying QuikSeam on asphalt pavement
Asphalt road with QuikSeam fully cured on several cracks
Man heating QuikSeam crack tape
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QUIK SEAM 8" Asphalt Crack Repair Tape Pallet
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Quick Overview: 
  • Seals over large cracks or seams
  • Keeps water from penetrating crack
  • Easy-to-use and lasts for several years


Bulk pallet of 18 buckets with each bucket holding 2 rolls of 8" crack tape for a total of 36 rolls.  Great for contractors, government, or educational maintenance professionals who need a quick and easy crack repair product.

Looking for smaller quantities?  You might be interested in our single bucket with 2 rolls.

Rubberized non-tracking joint and crack sealing tape for asphalt or concrete 1" width.

QUIK-JOINT is an innovative roll-out cold applied sealant that creates a durable, watertight and elastic seal after being heat-bonded to the pavement surface. Its specially-blended, high-tack rubberized asphalt compound is compatible with all common pavement surfaces. Equal or better in quality, appearance, and durability to regular hot-applied sealers at a fraction of the cost. Quick and easy for only one person to apply. Saves time and money by eliminating the expense and manpower associated with hot tar kettles and related paraphernalia.

1" QUIK JOINT - Great for small repairs to hairline cracks no larger than 1/8" wide.
2" QUIK JOINT - Perfect for cracks between 1/8" and 3/4" wide.
4" QUIK JOINT - Used for large crack spans no wider than 1-3/4", or cracks that are exposed to higher traffic volumes.
8" QUIK SEAM - Ideal for wide crack spans that are up to 6" widths.

Installation is super easy.  Simply pull the white paper wax backing off the bottom, face the plastic residue side up, push firmly into the ground and then evenly heat with a propane torch until the material liquifies.  Allow the material to cool for 5 - 10 min and maybe sprinkle some sand over it before allowing traffic.  Sand is up-to-you.  Allow it to cool and cure a bit longer if you don't sprinkle sand on it.

Details & Application Instructions


  • Applies easily with propane torch

  • Expands and contracts with pavement

  • Lasts longer than liquid crack fillers

  • Wont track

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Shipped Volume

36 rolls

Total Length

3,600 ft



Individual Roll Specs






3/32" (.093")

Instructions Overview


Pavement must be clean, dry and free of dust prior to application of QuikJoint over-banding compound. Desired pavement temperature should be 40º F (4.4ºC) and rising. Heat may be applied directly to pavement to dry and warm surface area to increase adhesion. For best results fill cracks wider than 1/16 inch with an approved crack filler level with pavement surface.

1. Peel and Separate approximately one foot of the white release paper from the over-banding joint compound.

2. Position and Press the exposed compound (underside) at the front of the joint to be sealed and adhere to the pavement by applying pressure. Continue to separate the white release liner while rolling, positioning and pressing the compound over the entire joint to be sealed. Once the entire work area has been covered; cut the the material with a straight edge and return roll to its original package.  (It is not necessary to remove the clear plastic film on the topside of the material).

3. Apply heat directly to the product (the clear plastic film will burn off) using a propane torch (suggested 2” diameter torch head or larger). Constantly and repeatedly move flame over the compound material until liquefaction occurs (this will happen almost immediately). The material must be heated so that all the clear plastic has been melted and the compound is liquefied (melted) and bonded to the surface. Do not apply excessive heat causing the materials to burn or run off.

The material will set up quickly and the joint is permanently sealed . Within minutes the area may be top coated with sand or sealer or opened for traffic. Properly dispose of any waste materials.


A torch head will remain hot for sometime after usage, do not allow it to come into contact with body.


QuikJoint is an over banding material fabricated and manufactured to seal pavement joints. It is not designed to bridge cracks or act as a structural membrane. When used to over band cracks; the cracks shall be filled prior to applying QuikJoint. Cracks may be filled using QuikFill or other approved crack fillers. An optional method is to cut strips of QuikJoint and position these strips over the crack to be filled and apply heat to flow material into the opening. Fill crack to surface level with approved crack filler. Proceed to over band the crack by following the above directions one through three.


QuikJoint must be stored indoors at temperatures not to exceed 120º F (48.89º C). When re-packaging the roll take caution to use the glossy dividers provided to keep rolls separated from each other and any other materials.


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Technical Data Sheet:
Shipping Weight
Weight: 745 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 40 in × 40 in × 48 in