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Deery PLF210 Oil Jacketed Parking Lot Crack Filler Pallet of 75 Boxes

image: Full Pallet of Deery 210PLF Oil Jacketed Rubber
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Pallet of Oil Jacketed Hot Crack Filler For Parking Lots
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Quick Overview: 
  • Hot applied oil jacketed crack filler for parking lots
  • Designed for low to moderate temperature climate regions
  • Stiffer rubber that can take direct tire abuse


The Deery® 210PLF is a hot applied crack filler rubber that is designed specifically for oil jacketed parking lot crack machines. Tested to withstand temperatures down to -10º F (-23ºC), this rubber is a perfect parking lot rubber solution for the majority of the US region climates.

This product is ideal for cities and municipalities or large contractors tasked with filling the cracks in parking lot asphalt pavement. This product is tested against certain ASTM and AASHTO standards, but it is not certified against any of those standards. Privately owned parking lots are not usually held to the same standards as state or federal government requirements, making this product ideal in any situation where a rubber is not explicitly required to follow a set of standards.

The biggest difference between our Deery 210 parking lot rubber and the Deery 102 & 103 street rubbers is the stiffness of the rubber once cured. Street rubbers like the 102 & 103 are more flexible and forgiving than a parking lot rubber. A more flexible rubber allows the material to stand up to higher traffic requirements with lower direct abuse. In contrast, a parking lot rubber like this one, the 210, is a stiffer rubber that won't allow impressions or tracking from tires turning on the rubber during summer days. A stiffer rubber is ideal for parking lots where traffic is lower, but direct abuse to the rubber is going to be high from turning tires, braking etc.

(Not designed for streets. See Deery 103 for Warmer Climates or Deery 102 for Cooler Climates if you need oil jacketed street rubber.)

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Single Block Weight

30 lbs

Weight Per Gallon

9.9 lbs

Gallons Per Block

(approx.) 3 Gallons

Block Dimensions

(approx.) 12"L x 9"W x 8"H

Shipped Quantity

Pallet of 75 Boxes



Applied Hot


Oil Jacketed


Parking Lot & Driveway Use Only


1/2" x 1/2" Cracks — 13 lbs. Per 100 linear feet

Pliable to traffic Time

20-30 minutes

Material Temperatures

Material Softening Point

210º F (99º C)


Min 380º F | Recommended 390º | Max 400º F (do NOT exceed)


Min 380º F | Recommended 385º - 395º (do NOT exceed)

Physical Application

Pavement Temperature @ 40°F (4°C) or above


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Technical Data Sheet:
Shipping Weight
Weight: 2300 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 54 in × 54 in × 48 in