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Crack Stix CSX Pro-Melt® 1000 Contractor Torch Heater

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CSX Pro-Melt 1000 Crack Stix Melter
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Quick Overview: 
  • Walk behind application keeps you standing up straight
  • Steel construction including steel guide wheel
  • Regulator and 20ft. hose included
  • Hand operated trigger valve for easy application and control


The CSX Pro-Melt® 1000 is a specifically designed crack torch for melting Crack Stix or Pli Stix crack repair rope. In comparison to using a hand held plumbers torch and the CSX 900 Torch Extender, the CSX Pro-Melt 1000 will melt and repair cracks at 4 times the speed.

The CSX Pro-Melt® 1000 has a long design that allows you to stand up straight, with a guide wheel to keep you from holding up the torch and wearing out. This product is easy enough to be used by homeowners but it is built with contractors in mind.

Simply hook up to a standard propane canister, light the torch and begin melting! (tank not included)

Watch how easy it is to use the CSX Pro-Melt 1000:

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 20 lb
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Dimensions: 40 in × 5 in × 20 in