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BIG A Gilsonite Oil Sealer For Parking Lot Sealcoating 55 Gallon

2023 Notice: While supply chain problems are better than last year, we anticipate them to continue for 2023. Please expect some delays. view details

Image of the BIG A 55 Gallon Barrel of Gilsonite Sealer
55 Gallon BIG A Gilsonite Sealer
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Quick Overview: 
  • Maximum asphalt rejuvenation properties
  • Produced and shipped year-round
  • Fortified with Gilsonite for added durability


Shipping Note: Shipping Gilsonite sealers to NY, NJ, and CA is prohibited by those respective state laws.  Contact us for options or details.

Our 55 Gallon BIG A Gilsonite Sealer is a Ready-To-Use solvent-based asphalt oil sealer specially blended with refined bitumen (processed oil aka asphalt), Gilsonite (rare and specific form of natural bitumen) and Mineral Spirits. It is one of the only types of solvent-based sealers on the market and this unique formula gives it a higher penetration into the top layers of asphalt for maximum rejuvenation and bonding when applied properly. Specially formulated with Gilsonite as a primary ingredient, this addition helps strengthen and fortify the sealer for a tougher, more durable product. If you aren't familiar with Gilsonite, it is a natural form of bitumen (the binder that holds the asphalt roads together) and has proven to be one of the best asphalt and sealer modifiers for the money. Its unique properties actually strengthen refined bitumen and it has become a very popular additive to many asphalt road projects.

Sold as a 55-gallon barrel, this product is perfect for parking lots or projects where a larger container or volume is needed to accomplish the task.

Ships Year-Round

If you're in need of a sealer that can be used year-round, the BIG A Gilsonite Sealer is the product for you. Since it doesn't contain water, it isn't prone to the damage caused by freezing temperatures that are a problem for almost all other sealers on the market. While we do recommend that you apply the BIG A Gilsonite Sealer in 40º F (4.5º C) and warmer for "best experience", it can safely be used in lower temperatures. What's the lowest temp? We'll put it this way... The temperature you're willing to sealcoat in.

Some things to consider when sealcoating in lower temperatures:

  • The product has a higher viscosity which means it moves slower or acts thicker.
  • The product will work best if it is brought up to a reasonable temperature, before use.
  • Never pre-heat the product using an open flame or any kind of "open heating" system. The product is flammable.


Gilsonite Oil Sealers have become a very popular product world wide because of it's ability to penetrate further into existing asphalt, bond with the asphalt binder and rejuvenate the top layers that are damaged by weather. Our water based BIG A Asphalt Sealer is also designed to penetrate the top layers, but to a slightly lesser degree.

Cutting & Sand

Cutting or Thinning
The BIG A Gilsonite Sealer is a ready-to-use product which means you don't need to cut or thin it. We highly recommend that you stick to the product that comes out of the container, however in rare cases, you might need to cut the product. The most important time, will be lower temperatures. If you expect to sealcoat in temperatures below 40º F (4.5º C) then you might need to cut the product with a small amount of painters mineral spirits for the sole purpose of decreasing its viscosity. This will make the product flow a little easier. Outside of this, we do not recommend cutting or thinning this product.

Sand & Aggregates
Since the BIG A Gilsonite Sealer is ready-to-use, we don't recommend adding any aggregates like sand, however you can do so if your situation requires it. There are two ways we recommend adding sand, the first is to sprinkle sand over the surface of the sealed area and the second is to mix the sand with the product.

If you do mix sand with the product, stick to 2.75 lbs / gallon.

Things To Consider

Keep Away from Flames

Since the BIG A Gilsonite Sealer is solvent based, that means it is also flammable. Keep this product away from open flames by NEVER bringing it up to temperature using a torch or similar "open heating" type of system.

Application Methods

In addition, because this is a solvent based sealer, it makes it more difficult to use in traditional sealcoating spray systems. The solvent can eventually eat through the rubber seals and hoses if they are not designed to withstand solvent solutions. Because of this, there are several options to consider:

  1. Recommended Method - Apply by hand as thin as possible with a sealcoat squeegee or sealcoat brush
  2. Convert your pump seals to withstand solvents (We have oil upgrade options available for the BIG A brand of sealcoat systems via phone +1(800) 689-2098)
  3. Convert your entire pump to a "Gear Driven" pump (Not an option we currently offer with our line of sealcoat spray systems)

Over-Application Warning

Over application needs to be avoided when at all possible.  That said, if you end up with some extra sealer in the bucket and want to get rid of it, you can apply a very very thin second coat once the first coat has fully cured.  We recommend avoiding any over-application whenever you can because this can lead to the asphalt softening but yes, it is possible if you take care of how much you apply.

Solvents Soften Asphalt

Since the point of the solvent is to soften the old asphalt to bind with the new, applying a layer of Gilsonite Sealer that is too thick can keep your asphalt from curing properly.  In most cases, if you apply it too thick, it will cure just fine over time, but in some rare cases it could take weeks or even months to fully cure.  As long as you make sure to apply a coat as thin as possible, you'll be just fine using a solvent based oil sealer.

Packaging Note

Please note the image is for representation only. Our gilsonite products are shipped in 55 gallon barrels with sealed lids that are not removable. If you don't have a 55 gallon pump for removing the product from the barrels 2" bungs, you have several options:

  1. Purchase 5 gallon buckets.  These are easier to handle and won't require any special equipment or methods for removing the sealer from the drum.
  2. Siophon the material.  While not ideal, you can always elevate the barrel and siphon the material out of the barrel.  It's crude, but gets the job done.  Make sure you do NOT inhale or injest the sealer.  We will not be held liable for this method of material removal.
  3. Purchase a Drum Pump.  Due to flamability reasons of this product, we only recommend hand rotary and hand lever pumps.

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Material Type

Asphalt Gilsonite


Oil / Solvent

Shipped Volume

55 Gallons

Weight Per Gallon

7.42 lbs

Finish / Color

Flat Black

Skin Irritation

Mild to Uncomfortable

Shoe Tracking

None to Minimal

Coverage for Great Condition Asphalt

Per Gallon

100 - 110 sq ft

Per Container

5,500 - 6,050 sq ft

Additional Notes

Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.

Coverage for Fair Condition Asphalt

Per Gallon

90 - 100 sq ft

Per Container

4,950 - 5,550

Additional Notes

Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.

Coverage for Rough Condition Asphalt

Per Gallon

80 - 90 sq ft

Per Container

4,400 - 4,950

Additional Notes

Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.

Dry Times

Dry to Walk

3 - 6 hours

Dry to Drive

24 hours

Full Cure

24 - 36 hours

Additional Notes

Actual dry times will vary depending on ambient temperature, humidity and wind conditions.


Application Method

Spray or Squeegee (recommended)

Recommended Max Dilution

5% (Apply undiluted for best performance)


None (add 2.75 lb / gal max if needed)

Minimum Application Temp


Recommended Application Temp

40º F

Cleanup (liquid state)

Solvent such as Mineral Spirits


Cold Extreme

No minimum

Hot Extreme

Avoid Excessive Heat. KEEP FROM OPEN FLAME

Shelf Life

6 - 8 months


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Shipping Weight
Weight: 500 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 48 in × 40 in × 44 in