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BIG A Coal Tar Asphalt Sealer 5 Gallon Bucket For Black Top Pavements

5 Gallon BIG A Coal Tar Sealer
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Quick Overview: 
  • Contractor grade Coal Tar Sealer without aggregate
  • Ready-to-Use 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Perfect for First Coat applications
  • Seal your driveway or parking lot with the BIG A Coal Tar asphalt sealant and prolong the life of your pavement. Shipped in convenient 5 gallon buckets, the BIG A Coal Tar sealer is a quality asphalt sealant designed to coat the surface of your asphalt to protect it from oxidation caused by UV damage, heat and moisture.

    Made with coal tar, water and mineral additives, the BIG A Coal Tar Sealer is a non-aggregate emulsion formula that will make your black top look great and lasts longer than many of the box store brands making it the perfect asphalt sealer for the job and it is designed to meet federal specification RP-355e.

    Since our BIG A Coal Tar Asphalt Sealer doesn't include aggregate, this makes it a great product to use as a first coat sealant if you plan to do two coats. We recommend two coats, regardless, especially if your pavement is weathered and aged, but it's totally up to you whether you apply a single coat or two. For the second coat, we recommend going with our BIG A PitchGrip Coal Tar which includes a unique black aggregate that won't discolor over time like regular sand.


    Material Type: 
    Coal Tar Emulsion
    Shipped Volume: 
    5 Gallons
    Weight Per Gallon: 
    9.5 lbs
    Finish / Color: 
    Flat Black
    Skin Irritation: 
    Uncomfortable to Severe (wear protection)
    Shoe Tracking: 
    None to Minimal
    Coverage for Great Condition Asphalt
    Per Gallon: 
    100 - 110 sq ft
    Per Container: 
    500 - 550 sq ft
    Additional Notes: 
    Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.
    Coverage for Fair Condition Asphalt
    Per Gallon: 
    90 - 100 sq ft
    Per Container: 
    450 - 500 sq ft
    Additional Notes: 
    Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.
    Coverage for Rough Condition Asphalt
    Per Gallon: 
    80 - 90 sq ft
    Per Container: 
    400 - 450 sq ft
    Additional Notes: 
    Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.
    Dry Times
    Dry to Walk: 
    3 - 6 hours
    Dry to Drive: 
    24 hours
    Full Cure: 
    24 - 36 hours
    Additional Notes: 
    Actual dry times will vary depending on ambient temperature, humidity and wind conditions.
    Application Method: 
    Spray or Squeegee
    Recommended Max Dilution: 
    5% (Apply undiluted for best performance)
    Minimum Application Temp: 
    Above freezing (32º F) for 24 hours
    Recommended Application Temp: 
    50º F or higher
    Cleanup (liquid state): 
    Soap & Water
    Cold Extreme: 
    Can Not Freeze (Recommend 50º F or above)
    Hot Extreme: 
    Avoid Excessive Heat
    Shelf Life: 
    6 - 8 months
    Additional Notes: 
    Stir well after opening



    This product does not have an explicit application warranty period. For a full explanation, view our BIG A Consumable Warranty Policy.

    We WILL warranty issues caused from shipping or packaging problems.


    Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
    PDF icon BIG A Coal Tar Sealer SDS138.78 KB

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