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5 Gallon Clipper Ship EM-50-TT Trackless Tack Coat For Roads and Highway

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Overview of a 5 gallon pail of Clipper Ship Trackless Tack Coat
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5 Gallon Clipper Ship EM-50-TT Trackless Tack Coat
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Quick Overview: 
  • Contractor grade hot applied trackless tack coat
  • Approved for use in many states
  • Trackless within 10 minutes
  • Designed for highway and road use


Trackless tack coat has quickly become the industry standard for fast drying and easy-to-use tack coat.

The Clipper Ship Asphalt EM-50-TT his a hot applied tack coat and it has been formulated to be fast drying for city, state and county road and highway projects.

If you're looking for approvals, EM-50-TT has already been approved in a variety of states across the US and continues to be added as an official product for road and highway use. If it hasn't been approved, the EM-50-TT is designed to meet any requirements a state might have, ensuring you are perfectly safe to use this product for large state jobs.

We sell the EM-50-TT as a 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum and 275 gallon totes. If you need large quantities for big projects like a highway or long road project, contact us for pricing on bulk tanker loads and we'll see what we can do to get your cost down and profits up. +1(800) 689-2098

Asphalt EM-50-TT Trackless Tack Coat is specifically formulated for trackless tack coat applications where fast cure, non-tracking attributes and rapid dry times are necessities. The heat radiating from the new hot mix asphalt will re-liquefy the cured Clipper Ship EM-50-TT, forming a bond between the pre-existing substrate and the new hot mix courses. All recommended guidelines of storage, handling and application must be followed carefully to ensure proper stability, product integrity, and peak performance.

For homeowners, we recommend taking a look at our BIG A Tack-Kote product which is designed to go with our BIG A brand of asphalt emulsion products: Sealer, Cold Crack Fill, Alligator Patch

Does this product require special equipment to heat it?

Yes. For best results, heating this product to approximately 160ºF is required.

If you need heating equipment, check out the Hot Tack Equipment we have available.

Packaging and Volume Sales

Call for a quote on quantities larger than 5 gallons +1(800) 689-2098

Primary Packaging

  • Sold online as a 5 gallon bucket for small and easy usage requirements or for testing before buying in bulk.

Alternative Packaging

  • Bulk pallet of 5 gallon buckets
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 275 gallon totes

Volume Shipping

  • Full tanker truck loads


Handling, application and storage guidelines must be followed carefully to achieve optimum performance of the EM-50-TT. EM-50-TT cannot be allowed to freeze or boil due to overheating. EM-50-TT is a water based product and allowing it to freeze, scorch or boil can cause breaking of the emulsion.

Disclaimer: EM-50-TT is not compatible with any cationic emulsions.

All equipment must be thoroughly cleaned especially if cationic emulsions were previously utilized (CRS, CSS, CMS, CQS designations) including but not limited to CRS-1, CRS-2, CRS-2PM,CMS-2, CSS-1, CSS 1H, CSS 1HPM, CRS1-PM, CHFMS-2S, CSS, CMS, CQS, AET, and AEP.

The recommended application temperature of EM-50-TT is 160 degrees F.

Storage and Handling

EM-50-TT is an anionic asphalt emulsion. Clean storage tanks are required. Contamination with other products could compromise stability and overall performance. As with all anionic emulsions, EM-50-TT cannot be mixed with cationic emulsions of any type. Storage temperature should not exceed 110°F. The distributor pump and spray bar should be emptied and cleaned at completion of application or if truck is placed in storage. Long term storage is not recommended.

Horizontal Storage Tank Guidelines

Horizontal tanks should be filled from their bottom. Circulate EM-50-TT daily, 15 minutes at slow speed agitation to ensure uniformity and prevent surface skin formation. Avoid excessive pumping and splashing which can cause air entrainment or foam.

Vertical Storage Trailer Guidelines

Be sure the tank is clean and free of any contaminants-especially cationic residue.  Circulate daily 15 minute at slow speed agitation is recommended.  Tanks should be filled from the bottom.

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Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Shipping Weight
Weight: 55 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 14 in × 14 in × 18 in