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Asphalt Melter Molasses Valve Drum Faucets

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Stationary Melter Molasses Valve Replacements
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Quick Overview: 
  • Fits all of our stationary asphalt melter kettles
  • Made from cast iron and brass
  • 1-1/2" and 2" sizes available
  • Choose between a short or long handle


A Melter Molasses Valve can also be known as a Drum Faucet and universally fits most Stationary Melting Kettles including the 10 Gallon Mini Flex Melter, 30 Gallon Melter and our 55 Gallon Melting Kettles.

The Drum Faucet Mollasses Valve is constructed of cast iron and brass with NPT male threads.

Long Handle vs Short Handle

A question we sometimes get is "Which handle length should I go with?".  Hands down, we recommend the long handle.  The long handle gives you better leverage to open and close the valve so you don't have to fight it.  If you've got gloves on the long handle is flat out easier to grab compared to the short handle.  The short handle is a one finger jobber and not comfortable if you aren't wearing gloves, but harder to deal with compared to the long if you are wearing gloves.

The only time we would recommend a short handle over the long is if you plan on sticking your molassas valve over the side of a trailer and you don't want the extra length of the handle getting in the way.  Outside of that, we will always recommend the long handle for it's ease of use.

If you're already familiar with molassas valves, feel free to purchase a valve handle length based on your preference.  Maybe you like the short, maybe you like the long.  At the end of day, you're the one using it.

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Short Handle 1-1/2" Valve


Short Handle 2" Valve


Long Handle 1-1/2" Valve


Long Handle 2" Valve





Cast iron and brass construction

Inlet Size

2" NPT Male thread


Black Enamel

Fluid Purpose

Heavy Oils, Light Grease, Varnish, Molasses, Non-Flammable Viscous Fluids

Shipping Weight
Weight: 3 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 10 in × 7 in × 8 in