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Line Parking Lot Paint Stencil

Image of Parking Lot Stall Line Stencil
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Line Stencil
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Quick Overview: 
  • Contractor Tough
  • Made from 1/8" poly materials
  • Guaranteed to last: Lifetime Warranty


Most professional parking lot painters will use parking lot striping equipment that are especially designed to create a nicely painted parking line or parking stall stripe.

If you aren't planning on line striping for a business and only need to touch up or add parking stall lines to a small parking lot, you might consider our parking stall line stencil.

This parking lot line line stencil is designed for the small jobs where the more expensive sprayers aren't a practical option, but straight stall lines are. It's perfect for the small business owner who needs to paint lines and the property maintenance professionals taking care of the parking lot to a small apartment building. A parking stall line stencil can also be useful to any asphalt repair professional who needs to do a quick touch up on a line stripe without needing to unpack a heavy line striper.

Made with 1/8" high quality durable plastic, this line stencil will last for years and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Unconditional Lifetime

This product comes with an unconditional, lifetime warranty. If you break it, we'll replace it. No questions asked. (Proof of purchase required)

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Low Density Polyethylene Plastic (LDPE)


1/8" (125 mil)


Unconditional Lifetime

Edge Distance

Top and Bottom

3.25" (8.25 cm)

Both Sides

6" (15.24 cm)

Painted Dimensions


4"H x 9'L

Shipping Weight
Weight: 3 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 19 in × 13 in × 13 in