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Case of 18oz T Tip Aerosol Line Striping Paint For Asphalt or Concrete

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Overview image of the DuraStripe 18oz T-Tip Aerosol cans
image of a case (box) of DuraStripe
image: T-Tip for 18oz Aerosol Line Striping Paint
image: T-Tip for 18oz Aerosol Line Striping Paint
image: T-Tip for 18oz Aerosol Line Striping Paint
image: T-Tip for 18oz Aerosol Line Striping Paint

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Case of 18oz Aerosol T-Tip Line Striping Paint
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Quick Overview: 
  • 12 cans per case
  • Various colors available
  • 1 can covers up to 60 lineal feet per can at 4" width
  • Perfect for aerosol line striping machines


18oz Aerosol T Tip Line Striping Machine Paint

DuraStripe aerosol line striping paint cans for asphalt and pavement. The DuraStripe aerosol cans are designed to fit any aerosol line striper using inverted spray cans that can accept a "T Tip Nozzle". Using aerosol paint cans are great for quick touch-up jobs by churches or business owners with a small parking lot and warehouse maintenance professionals who need a low fume footprint (compared to a gasoline line striper) in a warehouse or semi-enclosed area. Creating a beautiful 4" line, they make perfect parking stall lines when used with an aerosol line striper like the SS10 and you can easily use these paints for stencil jobs as well.


Our DuraStripe paint is a very durable paint that we recommend for low to medium traffic areas. It will hold up fine in high traffic areas, however we can not guarantee it's durability on those areas.


The DuraStripe Line paint is a solvent based paint which means you will need a solvent remover such as mineral spirits or toluene to clean up. It is one of the only solvent based paints in the market that can be used safely as a field marking paint which means you don't have to worry about killing vegetation from direct contact or over spray.

Nozzle Information

Editor Note: If you're new to aerosol line striping, you'll find that all major manufacturers have their own nozzle styles for aerosol line striping machines. Most are fairly similar but sometimes differ. What you'll also find is that hardly anyone else elaborates on this matter. While this may seem like too much information, we feel better knowing that we've presented the facts in helping you become a more informed buyer. Otherwise you'd might get blind sided somewhere else by ordering paint with the wrong nozzle tip.

The reason the aerosol line striping machines use a modified tip is so the paint nozzle can be activated from the line striping lever mechanism on the handle. The "T Tip Nozzle" on this paint can should fit most aerosol line striping machines and in some rare cases, the tip can probably be modified or your aerosol line striping machine can be modified for minor incompatibility issues. Our "T Tip Nozzle" is specifically designed to work perfectly with our SS10 aerosol line striping machine.

Despite the tip shape, you can also easily use these cans for stencil marking or freehand line marking. If you need a utility marking tip instead, head over to our UMA Aerosol Paint page.

image: aerosol paint t-tip

Nozzle Compatibility

Fox Valley™ Super Striper™: Our aerosol paints are not directly compatible with the Fox Valley™ stripers, however a modification can be made to make it compatible. See our FAQ tab above for more information.

If you didn't already know, Fox Valley Systems, Inc. was permanently shut down in March of 2013 due to an explosion at their Cary, IL plant. One of our suppliers was able to purchase a large quantity of their remaining supplies so we do have access to Fox Valley paints. If you're interested in finding out how you can order these paints, give us a call +1(800) 689-2098


For the most part, the coverage we have listed in the Specifications tab is correct for most pavement surfaces. You can expect to get approximately 58 - 66 lineal feet per can which means for a standard 18' stall line, you can expect to get 3-1/2 stall lines per can.

Since pavement surfaces vary, there are times when a second coat may be necessary. The most common times you can expect to need a second coat is when you are either striping a brand new line or the pavement is extremely coarse like you would see with older asphalt. A smooth concrete surface can probably get by with a single coat if it is a new line. If you are simply re-striping an existing line, a single coat of paint is usually enough.

Pallet Purchase Quantities

Buy in bulk and save money per case! Call for a quote: +1(800) 689-2098

We offer the purchase of a half pallet consisting of 54 cases of aerosol paint or a full pallet with 108 cases.

Available Colors

We have a variety of in-stock colors available along with a clear poly coat aerosol or you can contact us +1(800) 689-2098 for a custom color (minimum quantity applies)

Note: These color examples are for representation only.  Actual color may vary.

Handicap Blue
Las Vegas Gold

Example Custom Color Options

These colors are available with a minimum purchase of 50 cases (600 cans) or you can choose your own custom color with the same minimum requirements. Please allow a 4-6 week lead time for manufacturing. Call for ordering and questions: +1(800) 689-2098

Shelf life on the aerosol paint is around 4-5+ years so a large investment in a specific color may be worthwhile. If they sit for very long, you will need to make sure they are shaken very well. Listen for the loose ball and then shake for another 1-2 minutes.

Bike Lane Green
Forest Green

Product SKU List

These are the SKU numbers to give if you plan to buy over the phone. To see pricing changes (if any), click on the "drop down" arrow in the Add to Cart section above.







Handicap Blue








Burnt Orange


Clear Poly Coat


Bright Orange






Cardinal Red






Navy Blue


Old Gold






Royal Blue


Royal Purple


Syracuse Orange






Turf Green


Vanderbilt Gold


Vegas Gold


Florescent Green


Florescent Orange


Florescent Pink



  • Environmentally formulated with no CFC’s and meets California BAAQMD Rule 49 Ozone safe requirements

  • Perfect for athletic fields, playgrounds,pavement, stencils, factories and warehouse floors

  • Easy clean up with water

  • Perfect for concrete and asphalt pavements

  • Perfectly safe for natural or artificial playing surfaces

  • Covers 250 linear feet per can

  • 18 oz cans, 12 per case

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Individual Can Size


Individual Can (usable) Volume


Case Quantity

12 cans

Can Coverage

60 lineal ft @ 4" width

Case Coverage

720 lineal ft @ 4" width

Paint Type

Solvent (oil based)

Shelf Life

4-5+ years if stored properly. Shake very well before use

Application Surface





Field Marking (grass / turf)


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your aerosol cans compatibile with the Fox Valley Super Striper?

Short Answer: Yes, after modification

Our aerosol paint cans, use a universal " T " tip, that is an industry standard among the field marking and paint striping market. Fox Valley™ uses their own custom plunger and tip, to lock you as the customer into buying only Fox Valley™ paints. There is however, a modification you can make to the Fox Valley™ aerosol striper, that will make it compatible with the T-Tip aerosol paints.

Watch the video to see the modification:

Part Compatibility List

Case of 18oz Aerosol T-Tip Line Striping Paint is compatible with the following product(s).


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Technical Data Sheet:
Shipping Weight
Weight: 18 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 11 in × 10 in × 8.25 in