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BIG A Asphalt Mix Renew™ Asphalt Millings Rejuvenator 275 Gallons

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275 Gallon BIG A Asphalt Mix Renew Rejuvenator
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Quick Overview: 
  • Soften and rejuvenate asphalt
  • Use with reclaiming HMA and RAP millings
  • Perfect for asphalt hot boxes and infrared heat patching


Is asphalt patching your primary goal? We offer the BIG A Asphalt Mix Renew as a 275-gallon tote of asphalt millings rejuvenator for HMA and RAP jobs. This type of quantity is perfect for the business professionals looking to spend less and make more or it's a great way for municipalities to repair asphalt and stay within budget.

Why buy a 275-gallon tote of rejuvenator? Buying in bulk is a great way to save money. If you have a shop or warehouse where you can elevate and store the tote, you can fill up buckets for the day and eliminate waste and additional costs when compared to buying buckets. It's a little more work, but if saving space and money is your goal, this is a great way to do just that.

Our 275 Gallon tote of BIG A Asphalt Mix Renew is the same great product we have in 5-gallon pails, but ships in a 275-gallon tote for volume pricing.

Whether you're a hot box patching professional or use infrared heaters for pavement patches, using an asphalt millings rejuvenator can mean the difference between a decent patch job and a quality patch job that lasts.  By softening the asphalt, it removes the oxidation and brittleness from aged asphalt, rejuvenating it back to a workable state as if it came from the asphalt plant.

The BIG A Asphalt Mix Renew is safe for HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) or RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) and a great way to bring your best quality to the pavement.

BIG A MixRenew™ Coverage

General coverage of the BIG A MixRenew™ asphalt millings rejuvenator, is between 1% to 3% per ton of asphalt.

When to figure percentages

We recommend between 1% to 3% per ton of asphalt, but when should you use 1% or 2% or 3%?  It all comes down to the quality of the asphalt.

If you're reclaiming new HMA that was left over from a previous job, you won't need very much millings rejuvenator.  So you'd use a 1% rate.

However, if you're dealing with 100% RAP and trying to reclaim it, you would probably want a higher coverage of 3%.

If you're mixing HMA and RAP together, you would probably want closer to the middle, so 2%.

Check out the "Coverage" table in the specifications below for a few of the common coverage rates and asphalt millings rejuvenator you would need for each.

Breaking it down

Sometimes, it's a little confusing when companies spit out weird coverage amounts, so we'll try our best to help you understand how to figure the right amount of MixRenew you need.

If you have 1 ton of asphalt, you will need 2.8 gallons of MixRenew at a 1% coverage rate.

How do we figure that out?

First, we take 1 ton which is 2000 lbs., then multiply it by 1% or .01 which gives you 20

2000 x .01 = 20

Next, we take the number we calculated, 20 and divide it by the weight of the MixRenew per gallon which is 7 lbs / gallon and that gives us 2.8 gallons of MixRenew

20 ÷ 7 = 2.8 gallons

So, for 2000 lbs of asphalt with a 1% mixture, you would need approximately 2.8 gallons of the BIG A MixRenew.

Let's say you want a 2.5% coverage rate with 2 tons:

4000 x .025 = 100

100 ÷ 7 = 14.28 Gallons

That would come out to just shy of 3 buckets of BIG A MixRenew per 2 tons of asphalt, assuming a 2.5% coverage rate.

How to Use the BIG A MixRenew

If you're new to the hot box and infrared asphalt patching industry, we've got a few tricks for applying the asphalt millings rejuvenator.

Choose The Tools

Flower Pot: Some guys will get a 1 gallon flower pot with the big shower nozzle and fill it up with the MixRenew rejuvenator, that way they can "sprinkle" it over the asphalt millings.

Garden Sprayer: Other guys use hand pump garden sprayers with a decent sized nozzle that allows good flow, that way they can evenly spray the rejuvenator all over the asphalt HMA or RAP millings.

We personally recommend going the garden sprayer route because you get a far more even flow over the entire hot box or asphalt patch.

Hot Box Application - Thirds Rule

Asphalt Hot Boxes are a great way to store hot mix asphalt from the plant, or reclaim existing asphalt pavement.  The following steps are the typical application for reclaiming RAP or re-heating HMA that has been stored outside of the hot box.

Step 1) Spray a thin coat around the bottom and first 1/3 of the hot box.  It doesn't need much, just a light coat.

Step 2) Fill the hot box 1/3 of the way full.

Step 3) Spray a thin coat of the rejuvenator (approx 1/3 of the MixRenew) over the millings and 2/3 of the way up on the hot box sides.

Step 4) Fill the hot box 2/3 of the way full.

Step 5) Spray a thin coat (aprox 1/3 of the MixRenew) over the millings and final third sides of the hot box.

Step 6) Fill the hot box the rest of the way.

Step 7) Spray a thin coat over the final 1/3 of the millings.

Step 8) Turn on the hot box thermostat to approximately 325º and allow it to sit over night.

Infrared Application - Evenly Cover

The infrared application is pretty straight forward, but figuring out how much rejuvenator you need for the area, can become a little tricky since you won't have an easy way to measure the weight of the asphalt you're patching.  The best rule of thumb is to "Evenly Cover" with a thin light coat of the BIG A MixRenew.

Step 1) Heat the asphalt you plan to patch

Step 2) Using a gauge rake or finger rake, scarify the surface layers of the asphalt

Step 3) Add in some additional fresh HMA or reclaimed RAP to the patch area so it will properly level

Step 4) Sprinkle or spray a thin coat of the BIG A MixRenew over the scarifed area

Step 5) Mix up the asphalt millings in the patch area

Step 6) Level the patch area as best as possible with a gauge rake or similar tool.

Step 7) Compact the patched area with a plate compactor or roller compactor

Shelf Life

The BIG A Mix Renew does not have a defined shelf life provided it is sirred thoroughly before use if left sitting.  We recommend that you use it within 1-2 years of purchase for best results.

Since this product is freeze/thaw stable, it can be stored inside/outside for extended periods, however, we recommend that if it has been in freezing temperatures, make sure it is warmed above freezing temperatures and stirred thoroughly before use.


None | BIG A

This product does not have an explicit application warranty period.

We WILL warranty issues caused from shipping or packaging problems.

For a full explanation, view our BIG A Consumable Warranty Policy.

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Shipped Volume

275 Gallons

Weight Per Gallon

7 lbs

General Coverage

1% to 3% per ton of asphalt

1/2 Ton Coverage (1000 lbs)

1/2 Ton @ 1% MixRenew

1.4 Gallons

1/2 Ton @ 2% MixRenew

2.8 Gallons

1/2 Ton @ 3% MixRenew

4.2 Gallons

1 Ton Coverage (2000 lbs)

1 Ton @ 1% MixRenew

2.8 Gallons

1 Ton @ 2% MixRenew

5.7 Gallons

1 Ton @ 3% MixRenew

8.5 Gallons

2 Ton Coverage (4000 lbs)

2 Ton @ 1% MixRenew

5.7 Gallons

2 Ton @ 2% MixRenew

11.4 Gallons

2 Ton @ 3% MixRenew

17.1 Gallons


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Shipping Weight
Weight: 2025 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 48 in × 48 in × 48 in