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LASTEK 34-N Asphalt Crack Caulk

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Tube overview showing all 12 tubes shipped in a case
Overview image of the Lastek 34-N shipping case
image:Asphalt Crack Caulk
image:Using Asphalt Crack Caulk
LASTEK 34-N Asphalt Crack Caulk
No Longer Offered
Quick Overview: 
  • Easy to apply with caulking gun
  • Lasts for several years
  • Keeps water from penetrating crack


LASTEK 34N Sealant is an elastomeric, caulk-grade consistency material formulated with neoprene rubber and hi-tech mineral fibers. It provides a durable tough flexible seal for expansion joints or cracks.

Black Neoprene Rubberized Caulk-Grade Crack/Joint Sealant.

Stops Water penetration into cracks or joints of asphalt or concrete.

Ready to use, high performance elastomeric sealer.

Application: Caulk into clean dry cracks or joints up to 3/8" side. Extra deep openings may be filled with backer rod first up to 1/2" - 3/4" or surface. Cover exposed LASTEK 34-N SEALANT with dry sand. For ease of application the temperature of the material should be above 50F range.

Coverage: One (1) cartridge will fill approximately 10 linear feet 1/2" deep, 3/8" wide.

Packaging: 10.5 oz Caulking Cartridges - 12 per case


  • Applies easily with standard caulk gun

  • Expands and contracts with pavement

  • Long lasting

  • Easy clean up



Tube Size

10.5 oz

Shipped Quantity

12 tubes




Crack Size

Single Tube


1/4" deep x 3/8" wide

19 lineal feet

228 lineal feet

1/2" deep x 3/8" wide

9.5 lineal feet

114 lineal feet

3/4" deep x 3/8" wide

6.25 lineal feet

78 lineal feet

Instructions Overview

  1. Clean dirt and loose material from crack.  Allow opening to dry
  2. Strip off plastic spout tip to width of crack to be filled
  3. Fill cracks with Lastek 34-N to a depth equivalent to at least twice the width of the opening and to a level slightly below adjoining surfaces.  Do not overfill.  Cover exposed Lastek 34-N with dry sand.
  4. Extra deep openings may be partially filled with backer rod, sand or oakum prior to sealing with Lastek 34-N.
  5. On horizontal foot traffic surfaces, Lastek 34-N is not recommended for use in cracks exceeding 3/8" width.
  6. Recommended application temperatures - above 40ºF


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 14 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 8 in × 8 in × 14 in