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Bon 36 Inch Curved Blade Sealcoat Floor Squeegee 14-451

Closeup of the Bon curved 36 inch squeege
Overview of the Bon curved 36 inch squeege
SKU: 14-451
Bon 36" Sealcoat Squeegee | Curved Blade | Single
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Quick Overview: 
  • 36" width and curved blade design
  • Great for general asphalt sealcoat sealing
  • Includes 60" wooden handle
  • Sold in single quantities


Curved Blade Edging Squeegees are generally used for edging and cutting-in around buildings, parking blocks, and curbs.

The Bon 36" curved blade sealcoat squeegee is a professional grade pavement and floor squeegee that is great for sealing driveways and parking lots. It comes with a 60" wood handle (#12-332) that is replaceable and the head is constructed of metal, making is very strong and durable.

The curved end design leaves a smooth "No Mark" area of sealer delivering a professional appearance to any driveway or small parking lot, plus it helps contain the sealer as you push.

The universal design makes it perfect for asphalt, concrete, or other types of floors and pavements where a high-quality squeegee is needed.

This squeegee is designed to take replacement blades when the rubber wears out.  Simply swap out the old for the new and save a ton of money in the process.

Help Me Choose!

If you're a seasoned sealcoater, you probably already know the size that works best for you. But, if you are a new sealcoater or homeowner, you might need a little help deciding on the right size so we'll give our personal recommendation.

24" Squeegee - The 24" Squeegee is honestly on the small side of sealcoat squeegees and can be a little more difficult to work with. We recommend this squeegee if you have a lot of "cut in" areas like car stops or odd angles and while it is perfectly usable in big areas, you'll wish you had wider.

36" Squeegee - Our 36" Squeegee is our preferred squeegee of choice. It has just enough length to efficiently push around material and it isn't a pain to work with. If you were having problems deciding on a size, this is the one we'd recommend.




60" Wooden






Blade Support

Aluminum & Steel









Replacement Parts & Accessories

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 4 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 63 in × 4 in × 7 in