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Utility Striping and Stencil Marking Aerosol Paint Gun

image: Utility Paint Gun Left Overview
image: Utility Paint Gun Right Overview
image: utility paint gun left side
image: utility paint gun right side
image: close up of the front showing the paint can trigger machanism
image: utility paint gun with paint can inserted
image: Close up of the paint can wedge holder
Aerosol Paint Gun
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Quick Overview: 
  • Aerosol utility paint gun
  • Great for up-close paint and stencil marking
  • Perfect for wall or curb marking
  • Holds 2" up to 2-3/4" diameter paint can


The Utility Paint Gun we offer is designed for inverted aerosol paint and will hold a 2" up to 2-3/4" diameter can of aerosol paint like our 18oz cans and has a trigger mechanism that is specifically designed for utility striping paint cans that have a UMA style nozzle. This is a great tool to use for non-critical striping needs and it is perfect for using on stencils for smaller jobs.

Just in case the can size is slightly different, it also comes standard with a rubber wedge to make sure the can fits nice and snug so it doesn't want to flop around or fall out when carrying it.

Made from high quality plastic here in the USA, this unit feels extremely sturdy in the hand and it is a very rigid unit, unlike some products you might find at cheaper prices.

*Note: The inside diameter of this unit, is the same size as our 26oz "Fat Can" aerosol paint. It will fit... but we don't recommend it. The tolerance is so tight, you will have a very difficult time getting it in and out. Over time, the canister tolerance will loosen making it easier, but it makes the tolerances much looser for the unit as a whole too. Can you use the 26oz can? Yes. That's on you though. You've been forewarned.. In contrast, our 18oz aerosol cans have a smaller 2-1/4" diameter and they will fit with no problem.

Nozzle Compatibility

Knowing which nozzle to buy will help you save some unnecessary headache. This wand requires a UMA "Utility Tip Nozzle" aerosol can which is a fairly universal tip sold by all major aerosol line striping paint manufacturers. In contrast, our SS10 line striper machine requires a "T Tip Nozzle".

Make sure when purchasing paint for the Aerosol Paint Wand, you find a utility marking paint that can be sprayed upside down. Inverted aerosol paint is the key and the UMA utility marking cans are designed just for that.

If you are interested in this product and also need paint, take a look at our UMA Aerosol Paint.

image: UMA Utility Tip Aerosol Can

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Canister Inside Diameter


Nozzle Compatibility

UMA / Utility Tip Nozzle

Unit Specifications


13.5 in


3 in


7 in

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