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5 Gallon DeFENDER Aggregate Solvent Based Concrete Overlay Paint

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5 Gallon DeFENDER SB Aggregate Concrete Overlay Paint
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Quick Overview: 
  • SB = Solvent Based for a tougher overlay
  • Additional aggregate for better anti-skid properties
  • Paint overlay an entire concrete area
  • Designed for concrete but works great on asphalt too


Get 5 gallons of DeFENDER solvent based overlay paint for concrete with additional aggregates for maximum anti-skid properties.

The DeFENDER SB Aggregate line of concrete overlay paint is based on a very tough solvent based acrylic latex that is considered to be a  fast dry paint with good abrasion resistance.  DeFENDER SB Aggregate has strong adhesion, it's tough, offers excellent anti-skid and it's a fantastic waterproof coating for various types of concrete surfaces.

DeFENDER SB has a proven track record as a very durable, one component solvent based paint that is easy to apply and does a fantastic job protecting and beautifying concrete.  It's a cost-effective paint that is eco-friendly and can be used to paint driveways, curbs, walkways, patios, balconies, basements, residential decks, stamped concrete, steps and anything concrete that needs a great coating.

Also available in 55 gallon barrels.  Call for a 55 gallon quote +1(800) 689-2098

Application Methods

The DeFENDER SB Aggregate is NOT recommended for traditional airless sprayers because most have not been setup to properly run aggregate materials.  The main problems you'll run into is the filters getting clogged from the aggregate, the pistons getting hole worn through them, packings getting prematurely worn and the spray tips wearing down faster.

We recommend that you simply roll-on the DeFENDER SB Aggregate.

Keep in mind, this paint is different than a textured layout.  Most textured methods use a special material and create a textured pattern.  The DeFENDER WB Aggregate has actual aggregate particles that are hard on traditional airless sprayers.

If you do run this material through your own airless sprayer or equipment, we assume no responsibility for damages for obvious reasons but remember you'll need to pull out the filters and probably use an old spray tip that is already worn down for best results.

Recommended Usage

The aggregate version of DeFENDER is perfect for painting or adding an overlay where foot traffic is medium to high.  The additional aggregate makes for an excellent anti-skid surface for wet areas where slippage needs to be eliminated during wet conditions.

DeFENDER SB Aggregate is great for outdoor walkways, stair steps, concrete walls such as a stair-wells, wood bridges and many other surfaces where a nice overlay is needed and high anti-skid surface is a must.

Color Examples

Other than the Green and Cool Gray, these colors are examples of what can be made with the Concrete Defender formula.  Some colors may have additional lead-time to manufacture and unless a color is in stock, will require a 30 gallon minimum order to make.  Call us to see which colors are available for purchase +1(800) 689-2098

DF Iron Ore
DF Urban Bronze
DF Battleship Gray
DF Gray SW 7033
DF Gray SW 7046
DF Gray SW 7047
DF Gray SW 7053
DF Gray
DF Cool Gray
DF Off White
DF Beige
DF Mocha
DF Colonial Red
DF Red
DF French Roast
DF Apollo Brown
DF Green
DF Olive Green
DF Navy Blue

Custom Color Options

We can custom create a wide variety of colors you might want. First visit our Custom Color Palette, then Call for order details +1(800) 689-2098.

  • Additional cost may apply
  • 30 gallon minimum purchase required for each custom color.

Custom Gray Colors
There are so many different shades of gray, it is difficult for us to offer a "base gray" color of paint, and have it match your environment. As suggested from our supplier, we recommend that you purchase both "White" and "Black" colors, then mix them together to achieve the color of gray you need. We understand this presents additional cost for the project and we apologize for the inconvenience, however, if you aren't picky about the color of gray you need, feel free to browse our Custom Color Palette and choose a gray. (30 gallon minimum on custom gray)




5 Gallon

Weight Per Gallon

13.0 – 13.2 lbs

Base Compound

Solvent / Oil

Dry Type

Regular Dry


Flat / Satin

Federal Specification


Slick When Wet



Yes (No thinning needed)


Area Coverage Per Gallon

250 - 350 sq ft

Area Coverage Per Container

1,250 - 1,750 sq ft

Drying Time

@ 77 deg. 50% RH, maximum 40 minutes


Paint Thinner, Toluene, Mineral Spirits


Resin Type

Acrylic Latex co-polymer


80 - 90 KU

Dry Opacity

5 mils Bird, .92, min.

Flash Point

ND, Flammable



Keep away from Heat or Sparks

Shipping Weight
Weight: 66 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 16 in × 16 in × 18 in