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4 Ton BIG A KM-8000T Propane Trailer Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimer

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4 Ton BIG A Propane Asphalt Hot Box Trailer
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Quick Overview: 
  • 8,000 lb (4 ton) 2.78 cubic yard capacity
  • Pull behind trailer hitch design
  • Propane Fired with Temp Control: 100º F to 350º F


The Big A professional 4 Ton propane fired Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimer is our premium 4 Ton Trailer System that offers the most demanding pavement repair professional all of the needed features and quality he would expect for preparing hot or cold asphalt patch. Many professional contractors and municipalities are able to work year-round by keeping the patch material warm and pliable even in cold weather conditions. This allows for water main repairs and pothole repairs in the winter that would otherwise need to be performed in the spring.

The Big A 8000 T asphalt hot box reclaimer is heated from a 58,000 BTU propane fired burner with an automatic safety shut off. The hot box burner is protected by a removable safety hood that can be easily removed for burner service and inspection. The diesel control panel utilizes PLC and HMI digital control system. The thermostatically controlled heating system allows for better fuel efficiency and automatic temperature control is adjustable from 0 to 350 degrees and the burner has a built-in fuel pressure monitoring gauge to keep your hot asphalt patch at the right temperature.

This is a Triple Wall Fully Insulated Hot Box which will keep your hot asphalt patch hotter longer in cold weather, The extra large shoveling door makes it easy for two people to shovel at once. This asphalt hot box system will heat both Hot and Cold Mix Asphalt Patch. The box is mounted on a tandem axle trailer with GVWR of 7000LBS with slipper Spring Suspension.

Diesel control panel utilizes PLC and HMI digital control system. Burner and other key components are located above trailer frame and in a steel enclosure protecting them from the elements. By locating the burner above the trailer frame it is protected from road debris and grime, resulting in a low overall maintenance cost. The burner and other key components located above trailer frame in a steel enclosure.
This premium trailer hot box is built with 8” channel steel frame construction.

Our 4 Ton Asphalt Hot Box is the larger version of our 2 Ton Asphalt Hauler and also ideal for larger contractors but fills the need of mid-sized municipality's as well, looking to patch asphalt in roads and parking lots.

The Big A 8000T is a 4-ton asphalt hot box reclaimer that allows the user to maintain hot mix asphalt (HMA) or cold patch material at a workable temperature for up to 48 hours for transportation and use, or reclaim bulk stored un-compacted virgin mix overnight (8-10 hours). Asphalt Sealcoating Direct offers several options allowing you to customize your hotbox reclaimer to fit your exact needs and specifications.

Propane vs Diesel

What are the differences?
Aside from the normal obvious differences between our Propane models and Diesel models, we get this question a lot.

The biggest difference between the Propane and Diesel versions is the way the heating system works.  Obviously, one is propane and the other is diesel, but how the fueling is controlled between the two, is where they differ.

The propane version has a static thermostat where you set the dial and walk away.  It's easy to use and there's not much to think about, but that's pretty much as far as it goes.  You can't setup custom time schedules or program the propane version.

With the Diesel version, it has what we call a "Smart Thermostat" which has an actual programming logic controller and this lets the system control heating to be even more efficient, saving you money in fuel costs.  The diesel version also has data logging, which let's you take a look at how well the system is heating to know if your hot box is working at peak efficiency.  In addition, the smart thermostat will let you control heating requirements, allowing you to literally walk away and forget about it, or you can setup a time schedule and have the burner turn on or off at pre-determined times.  For example, set it to turn off over the weekend and automatically turn on for the week.

Better tools means a higher cost, so if you're looking at a budget system that's easier to use, the propane is probably the best bet.  But if you want to know exactly where your money is going, and you want a system with the highest heating efficiency, diesel is the way to go.


Standard & Upgrade Options

This unit comes standard with a fixed bed, propane fired burner and electric brakes but it also comes available with hydraulic brakes or a 52º dump bed as optional features. Mix and match between all four options to meet your budget or usage needs.


The Big A 4-Ton Asphalt Trailer Hauler holds up to 4 tons (8000 lbs) of milled or recycled hot asphalt and features a 58,000 BTU BTU propane burner for fast and efficient material heating and the key components are mounted above the frame and in a steel enclosure protecting them from the weather. Fuel is supplied by two propane cylinders (not included) conveniently located on the trailer's front allowing for easy cylinder change-out. 30lb propane cylinders are recommended as the minimum LP bottle size but this can easily handle dual 60lb or 100lb bottles.

Heating & Storage

Heating is thermostatically controlled with 100% safety shut down and the burner system utilizes an electronic pilot fuel ignition system for maximum safety and increased fuel efficiency. Maintains HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) for a period of 48 hours or reclaim bulk stored virgin mix overnight.

Top Input & Rear Output

A single top mounted cantilevered shock assist filling door makes it easy to open and close and only requires 15 pounds of pressure to operate while standing on the ground, and this trailer utilizes a single insulated 10″W x 16″H sliding shoveling door with track design. Asphalt is fed from a gravity feed slanted wall funnel design for easy discharge to shoveling door and making it easy to reach the material with a shovel.


The material box is triple welded construction made from 16 gauge for the skin and 12 gauge inner compartment making this asphalt trailer extremely durable and nearly inducible. Triple Wall Construction with high-efficiency insulation allows for excellent Heat Retention.

Trailer weight capacity is 14,000 lbs. GVWR and it has a dual 7,000 lb. leaf spring TORFLEX axle with electric brakes.

Product SKU List

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Standard Trailer


Dump Trailer



  • Capacity: 8,000 lbs

  • Heating Element: 60,000 BTU Propane Burner

  • Construction: All triple welded steel,16G Skin, and 12G asphalt compartment

  • Filling Doors: Two insulated lids Shovel Doors Two insulated doors on sliding track design. 17”W x 21”L Dimensions 216” x 96” x 84”

  • Axles: Dual 7,000lb leaf spring axles Weight 4,450Lbs.

  • Lighting: LED Lighting

  • Warranty: 2 years on parts and workmanship 5 years of trailer frame structure


  • Dump: Dump or Non Dump available (52⁰ dump feature for full discharge of material)

  • Solvent Tank: 7 Gallon Utility Solvent Tank - Mounted on Trailer

  • Tool Rack: 4-6 Hole Tool Rack - Mounted on Trailer

  • Spare Tire, Loose: ST235/80R16 Tire & Rim - Not Mounted on Trailer

  • Spare Tire, Mounted: ST235/80R16 Tire & Rim - Mounted on Trailer

  • 60 Lb. Cylinders: 60 lb. Propane Cylinders

  • 100 Lb. Cylinders: 100 lb. Propane Cylinders

  • Light Bar: Directional Arrow Board & Controller - Mounted on Unit

  • Strobe Light: Amber Strobe Light, Mounted and Switched

  • Hoist - Manual: Loading Hoist/ Winch & Davit - Manual Operation

  • Hoist - 12V: Loading Hoist / Winch & Davit - 12 V Powered - Remote

  • Hand Torch: Hand Torch with a retractable hose reel ** Propane Supplied by Hotbox

  • Low Temp Thermostat: Allows Heating of Cold Patch 60-250* F (LP Unit Option)

  • 24 Hour Timer: 24 Hour Timer (LP Unit) * Requires power station

  • 30 Gal Tack: 30 Gallon Heated Tack Tank 10,000 BTU Propane Burner

  • Spray Tack Unit: ¾ Roper Pump, Spray Wand and 5.5 HP Honda Engine

  • Extended Trailer (4 Ton): Adds 2 ft to overall length (20 ft total) to accommodate Options

  • Extended Trailer (2 Ton): Adds 2 ft to overall length (20 ft total) to accommodate Options

  • Mounted Deck for 2-18X: Deck Mounted to fit KM 2-18X on Front of Hotbox trailers

  • Wash Down Spray System: 12V On Demand Pump, 5.3 GPM, 7 PSI, 1 Gallon Tank, Rear Mounted Hose Wrap with Spray Wand

  • 5 Gallon Bucket Holder: Holder to secure a 5 gallon bucket during transport

  • Plate Compactor Basket: 24” x 28” Mounting Basket for Plate Compactor

  • Roller Cradle Basket: Roller Cradle for BOMAG BW55E Roller or Similar Model

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Weight: 4250 lb
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Dimensions: 240 in × 96 in × 78 in