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2" Aluminum Yamada Diaphragm Sealcoating System Pump - NDP-50BAN

Quick Overview: 
  • High Quality Dual Diaphragm Pump
  • Made from Aluminum
  • 2" Fluid Inlet & Outlet
  • Up-to 100PSI
  • Up-to 166 GPM
  • Air Powered (air source sold separately)
2" Yamada Dual Diaphragm Aluminum Pump
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Jul. 05 - Jul. 16

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The Yamada 2" Aluminum Dual Diaphragm Pneumatic Pump is a workhorse of a pump that can be used in a variety of industries. It is an environmentally friendly non-lube and non-stalling air powered double diaphragm pump with aluminum wetted materials of construction and Buna N diaphragms.

This dual diaphragm pump NDP-50BAN is an excellent choice for two-man sealcoat spray system teams or sealcoating bar systems.

When used as a sealcoating pump on single man spray systems, the 2" pump is honestly overkill, however its large size makes it a fantastic "low duty cycle" pump that cycles less than the popular 1.5" Yamada pump if that's what you're looking for in a pump.

Special Order Product: In most cases, allow 3-4 weeks delivery.  Call for actual availability and timeline +1(800) 689-2098

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Intake & Discharge Size

2" Female NPT




Pneumatic Duel Diaphragm

Air Supply Pressure

20–100 PSI (1.4–7 kfg/cm)

Max Output Flow

166 GPM

Diaphragm Material

Buna N

Unit Specifications


17.68"W× 30.67"H

Net Weight

88 lbs. (39.9 kg)

Replacement Parts & Accessories

The following are a list of replacement or add-on parts for this product.


Technical Data Sheet:
Shipping Weight
Weight: 100 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 24 in × 20 in × 36 in