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Choosing Banjo vs Hypro

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If you're looking for a 2" centrifugal pump and happened to run across models such as the Banjo 200POI or the Hypro 9232C-SP for example, you've probably wondered: "What is the difference?"

In all honesty, there aren't a lot of difference. They are both made from the Banjo mold. However, the Hypro pumps are made from Banjo's OLD molds...

For a back story, we've sold the Banjo 200POI with the Honda engine combo (200PIH) for years. One day in the summer of 2014 or 2015, we got a call from our manufacturing manager saying the pump changed to this "Hypro" brand and he'd never heard of it. He did some comparisons and found the two were nearly identical as far as he could tell. We started pushing the Hypro pumps and didn't think much about it. About 6 months into selling those systems, we started getting calls on the machines running the Hypro pumps... Seals were wearing out and the wear plates were leaking... Naturally, we warrantied the pump and pulled it apart to see why they were failing so soon. Although the Banjo and Hypro pumps looked identical on the outside, the Hypro models were using lower quality components internally which were failing a lot sooner than they should have. We quit using the Hypro pumps altogether after that.

Sometime that same summer, a call was made to the Banjo sales team. We decided to ask about the "Hypro" brand and if they knew anything about it. What we were told is that they too had seen them pop up out of the woodworks and then disclosed that the pump housings are made overseas. Banjo had made some slight updates to their molds and no longer needed the old molds. What happened to the "old" molds is anybody's guess, but it was pretty obvious to us. The old molds were moved next door to another factory and spun up under a different brand name with obvious quality control problems resulting in a cheaper pump all the way around.

After doing some spring cleaning and updating info on our banjo page, we realizing we were still talking about the Hypro pumps and decided it was finally time to give some clarification on why we sell the Banjo pumps instead of the Hypro pumps. Maybe the Hypro pumps have fixed their quality issues. Who knows but what we do know, is the 2" Hypro centrifugal pumps are a knockoff of the real thing and that's why we only sell the real thing.

Keep in mind, this is our perspective and our story, however, we quit having warranty issues when we quit using the Hypro pumps so we'll let you decide whether the extra savings is really worth it.