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TrowelPave Aggregate Mixing Kit

Quick Overview: 
  • Great for mixing asphalt, concrete or mortar aggregates
  • Includes: Empty 5 Gallon Bucket & lid
  • Includes: Bucket Grip
  • Includes: Mixing Wand
TrowelPave Aggregate Mixing Kit
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The TrowelPave Mixing Kit includes an empty 5 gallon bucket with lid, Mixing Wand and a Bucket Grip.

This product is designed by the makers of TrowelPave to mix up the aggregate and fusing liquid of the TrowelPave patch material, but it will work just as well for mixing any types of aggregate such as concrete or masonry mortar.

Note: The mixing wand requires a drill with a chuck size of 1/2" or larger.

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 5 lb
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Dimensions: 18 in × 18 in × 20 in