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Titan Side Striper Narrow Space Straight Line Striping Tool - 759-150

Right side image of the Titan Side Striper
Front overview image of the Titan Side Striper
Front image of the Titan Side Striper
Overview image of the Titan Side Striper
Front left image of the Titan Side Striper
Front right image of the Titan Side Striper
Rear right image of the Titan Side Striper
SKU: 759-150
Titan Side Striper
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Quick Overview: 
  • Easily stripes in narrow spaces
  • Simple to use and light-weight
  • Uses the same gun fastener that comes standard on most Titan line stripers
  • Universal for most industry standard line striping guns (Works best with round barrel handles)


Ever run into that situation where you're trying to stripe a parking lot and those two car owners didn't get the memo to park on the street?  What do you do?  Try to find the owners? Come back in few days?  All of the above cost time which can cost money.  That's where the Titan SideStriper comes in to save the day.

With its unique three-wheel design, the Side Striper rolls straight and does the job of striping between parked cars in a pinch.  Simply insert the gun from your favorite sriper into the gun clamp, adjust the gun position and finish up.

Maybe you're big into warehouse striping and have those walk areas leading into the office area that are hard to stripe with a walk-behind machine or ride on attachment.  Pull out the side striper and run those lines with ease.

Whatever the need, a Titan SideStriper is a great tool to have around for those rare times you need one and considering they aren't overly expensive, they usually pay for themselves within the first year.

Note: Gun not included (The gun isn't needed because you'll use the gun from your machine)


  • Adjustable gun height

  • Pull trigger for easy operation from handle

  • Made from light weight materials

  • Adjustable trigger lever spring

  • Universal gun holder

Shipping Weight
Weight: 8 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 20 in × 14 in × 8 in