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Titan PowrLiner 3500HD Stencil Accessory Kit

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Overview image of the Titan PowrLiner 3500 HD Stencil Kit
Titan 18 inch extension
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Titan PowrLiner 3500 HD Stencil Kit
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Quick Overview: 
  • Second Gun Stencil Kit for Titan PowrLiner 3500
  • Perfect for striping & stenciling contractors
  • Independently control each gun through separate ball valves
  • Includes: Gun, Hose, Canister, Extension and Connectors


The Titan PowrLiner 3500HD Stencil Kit is a fantastic accessory for die-hard parking-lot line stripers because it opens the unit up to two guns by dedicating one gun to striping and the other gun to stenciling. We're proud to be the first to offer this kit to all existing Titan PowrLiner 3500 owners.

There is no doubt that the Titan 3500 revolutionized the line striping industry with its hydraulic pump compared to the conventional piston pump but there's one thing all of the line striping manufacturers have failed to address: a standalone stencil gun. The way most line stripers are setup you can remove the line gun and use it for stenciling but then you have the issue of cleaning the line if you need to change paint, there's no extension so you're always bent over and then trying to re-adjust the gun so it's in the perfect spot again is time-consuming.

The HD Stencil Kit moves the PowrLiner 3500 into a Deluxe version of an already awesome line striper by adding a second gun that is dedicated to stenciling.

What you get with the HD Stencil Kit is two ball-valves for switching between guns. This lets you switch paints without worrying about flushing the entire hose and gun. This will come with all of the necessary connectors and fittings to properly plumb up the valves and second gun.

Next, you'll get the 2 finger Titan RX-80 spray gun with a Red TR1 (the Red tips are perfect for stenciling), an 18" aluminum extension, and a holster canister for holding the second gun which is easily mounted at the left-rear of the unit. (opposite from the rear brake).  We ship this with the 2 finger RX-80 even though the 4 finger would be nicer, because it gives you a spare for your RX-80 line gun if it goes out. For an even nicer hand-held experience, we recommend the Titan RX-PRO or Titan RX-APEX as very comfortable hand-held guns.

Finally, you'll receive (1) one 12' section of hose that hooks to your line gun. The existing 50' hose that came with your striper will connect to the second RX-80 stencil spray gun. With the 3500 having a hydraulic pump setup with a pulsation dampener, you don't need the extra hose as a make-shift surge tank. We've tested it and that pump setup is just awesome.  In case you don't want to use 50' of hose for stenciling, we also offer a 25' hose as a shorter alternative for an extra cost.

Since this unit is an accessory add-on kit, there's a little bit of assembly required but overall it's not too difficult. With 30 minutes and some tools, you'll be on your way to striping and stenciling in no time.


1 x Canister + mounting hardware
1 x Titan 18" Extension
1 x Titan RX-80 Spray Gun with TR1 Red Tip
1 x Manifold Assembly with 2 ball valves
1 x 12' Titan 3300 PSI spray hose


  • Titan Gun Swivel 538029

  • Titan 1/4" x 25' 3300 PSI FBE Hose

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