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Titan Hydraulic Pump Cobra 5 Liter 1 Gallon Hopper

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Overview of the Titan 1 gallon hopper
Removable Stainless Steel Filter Screen
View of the metal threaded connector for the 1 Gallon hopper
Inside view showing the stainless steel paint filter screen at the bottom of the hopper
Overview of the hopper installed on a Titan PowrLiner 3500
Closeup of the hopper installed on a Titan PowrLiner 3500
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Titan 1 Gallon Hopper
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Quick Overview: 
  • 1.3 Gallon hopper that is easy to install
  • Includes lid, hopper and return hose
  • OEM product engineered by Titan Germany
  • Sturdy plastic construction


Have you ever wished there was a smaller hopper for your PowrLiner 3500 line striper?  Now there is one available!

Titan engineered a 1.3 US Gallon (5 Liter) hopper that screws onto the suction section of the Powrliner 3500, Elite 3000, and Elite 3500.

Made from rigid plastic, this one-gallon hopper is perfect for line stripers who want an easier way to change out paints for stenciling.  Instead of cleaning the suction hose the old way, simply dump some clean water into the hopper, scrub it down and flush through the pump.  It's a lot easier than trying to clean the suction hose every time and making a mess.

Even though you get a lot less paint, it can still mark up to 25 (18’ x 4”) lines making it a fantastic tool for temporary striping needs.

The Cobra 5L hopper was designed by the engineers at Titan/Wagner in Germany and they didn't pull out any stops.  Included is a stainless steel mesh screen at the top of the neck to help strain out any unwanted trash.

In addition, instead of cheap plastic threads, a metal threaded core has been molded inside the neck to ensure you never strip the threads.

Also included is a cap that "snaps" onto the hopper to ensure the lid doesn't come off easily and a pump return hose.

Since this was designed in a country that uses the metric system, there are 5 markings on one side of the hopper to indicate each level of liters available in the hopper.

Whether you're looking for an easy way to swap paints, prefer to have a lighter unit or just want something different, the 1 gallon Titan Cobra 5L hopper is a great addition to any line stripers arsenal.

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Weight: 1.3 lb
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Dimensions: 14 in × 8 in × 8 in