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8000 Gallon Stationary Agitated Bulk Seal Coat Storage Tank

BK 8000 Gas
SKU: BK 8000 Gas
8000 Gallon Bulk Seal Coat Storage Tank
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Quick Overview: 
  • 8000 gallon storage capacity
  • Choose between Gas Engine or 240V Electric Motor
  • Full sweep 2-paddle agitation
  • 3" Roper Pump


Asphalt Sealcoating Direct offers a large assortment of Bulk Seal Coat Storage Tanks ranging from small trailer mounted tank all the way to our premium 8000-gallon Stationary Agitated Bulk Seal Coat Storage Tank. This tank is designed for commercial applications and is constructed from premium material including a 3” agitation shaft and full sweep double paddles. These 8000-gallon tanks are designed to be permanently mounted and are available in a gasoline model and electric models. Easy serviceability and quality controls and components mean that your tank will be around for many years to come.

Gas Engine vs Electric Motor


There are two options for the powerplant that run the hydraulics and material pump: Gas Engine or Electric Motor

Everything about the tanks is identical except the powerplant.  On both units, the engine and motor power the hydraulic system and material pump.

Whether you will want one option over the other, comes down to preference.  Usually, guys like getting the gas engine option if they plan to store material outside.  If they want to store material inside, they go with the electric motor.  How you want it setup for your environment, is totally up to you since there's no major benefit one way or the other outside of the obvious: "Where are we going to put it?"

If you've got a big warehouse and don't care about EPA pollution maybe the gas works better because it will cost too much to get a 240V plug added.  Maybe it makes more sense to run the electric outside.  The choice is yours.


Now that you know the difference bewteen the options, let's talk about availablity.  The gas version is generally in-stock and ready to go out the door.  The electric however, is a special order item and may have some lead times before it can ship.

If you want to know the actual lead time of the electric version, don't hesitate to give us a call +1(800) 689-2098


  • Gas Engine

  • 240V Electric Motor

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8000 Gallons

Cylinder Dimensions

21.4' L x 8' Dia

Overall dimensions

24.6' L x 8' W x 8.6' H

Empty weight

6500 lbs

Power Delivery

Gasoline Option OR Electric Option


Material Roper 3622


Hydraulic with 3" shaft and 2 paddles


2 ea 3" flanged

Hydraulic fluid capacity

Gasoline Engine Option


Honda GX360

Starter Type

Electric Start


12 VDC Marine 24 DCM, 615 CA@32 degrees


10 HP, 3600 RPM 230 VAC

Motor control

Size 1 motor starter push button on/off with run light

Shipping Weight
Weight: 6350 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 21.4 ft × 8 ft × 8 ft