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Cast Iron Sealcoat Tank Strainer

Cast Iron Tank Strainer Replacement
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Quick Overview: 
  • Housing made from Cast Iron
  • Strainer made from Stainless Steel
  • 2" NPT Threads
  • 1.5 gallon sump capacity
  • The Titan Sealcoat Tank Strainer is cast iron, comes with a stainless steel basket and comes with 2" NPT threaded (unless specified otherwise) for easy hook-up.

    Total sump capacity is 1-1/2 gallons and it has a built-in drain plug for easy cleaning.

    Maximum recommended rating: 200 PSI @ 100 F

    This Sealcoat Tank Strainer is an ideal design for applications where easy maintenance and large capacity straining is required.


    Quick-open cover and full Rated ANSI bolted cover are available
    Large straining capacity with a minimum 6 to 1 ratio to connecting pipe
    Used when debris loading is high and the collection of solids is required
    Both the cover and basket are equipped with o-rings to reduce maintenance costs and increase service life
    Precision machined seat enables fine filtration
    Gasket is encapsulated in machined groove
    Bottom drain/blow-off connection and safety vent in cover are furnished with steel plug - standard
    Cast iron units are epoxy painted - standard


    Carbon steel and stainless units are also available
    Both flanged and threaded end connections are available


    Sump Capacity: 
    1-1/2 gallons
    Max Recommended Rating: 
    200 PSI @ 100 F
    Threaded sizes: 
    3/8" ~ 3" - Flanged: 1" ~ 8"

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