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Poly Welding Gun For Polyethylene Tanks

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Poly Welding Gun
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Quick Overview: 
  • Easy to Use
  • Quickly Repair Polyethylene Plastic
  • Includes Welding Gun and 30' of Rod


On rare occasion, your polyskid tank might end up with a crack or puncture that will cause your tank to leak. One solution is to replace the entire poly tank, but this can be a costly move especially if the tank has built-in agitation. Instead, for a fraction of the cost, you just might be able to repair the crack or hole using the same material as the tank and be back in business in no time.

Our Poly Welding Gun is made by the same manufacturer of the poly tanks that come on our polyskid systems, and it is specifically designed to repair any line of polyethylene tanks, including farm or water tanks made from polyethylene.

This kit comes with the welding gun, along with 30' of white/natural colored rod.

This product is designed to repair cracks and small holes. Large areas of damage might not be repairable.



Kit Contents

Welding Gun, 30' of Welding Rod, Resting Stand, Wire Brush



Instructions Overview

  1. Remove damaged item from cold and windy conditions.
  2. Preclean damaged area.
  3. Preheat welding gun for 15 minutes.
  4. V-grind out damaged area, 1/2 to 3/4 deep of the material thickness.
  5. Preheat damaged area to well above room temperature.
  6. Insert wire in preheat tube and allow wire to become clear/molten.
  7. Place tip on crack and slowly proceed with repair, gradually pushing wire through tube.
  8. Return to starting point and heat to a smooth glaze for proper bonding.
  9. For deeper grooves, a second pass may be necessary.

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