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OEM Puma Reed Valve Replacement - 3B13-AC0765C

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Puma Reed Valve Replacement
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Quick Overview: 
  • Single cylinder reed valve repair kit
  • Includes two (2) valve plate assembilies and three (3) gaskets
  • Works on a variety of Puma air compressors


Reed valve replacement for our 8 Gallon Puma 5.5 HP Air Compressor (PUK-5508G) and our 8 Gallon Puma 8 HP Air Compressor (PUK8008G) used on Plus line of sealcoating spray systems.  There's also a variety of other Puma air compressors this reed valve is compatible with so if the part number matches, it's probably the right one.

If you're the DIY type of individual or don't want service repair bills, you can easily pick up the reed valve assembly kit for one or all cylinders and repair your Puma compressor yourself, saving some money in the process.

This is an OEM reed valve replacement which means you're getting the actual replacement part that is offered by Puma.

With this kit, you are getting a two (2) piece valve plate assembly along with three (3) gaskets.

This kit is for one (1) cylinder so if you have a compressor pump setup with two cyliners that need the replacement valves, you will want to add a quantity of two (2) before you hit the add-to-cart button.

Fits many models: TUE50, PP65, PUK65, PK-2011VP, TUK50 and more.  Be sure to check the parts list break-out of your compressor unit if you aren't sure.

Note: This is the new style of valve plate assembly by Puma that can also be used to replace the older steel valve plate assembly with the long rectangular flat reed valves.

Symptoms & Recommendations

The way to know if you need a new reed valve is if the compressor continues to run but it just won't build any air pressure. For example, it builds up to 40PSI but won't go any higher. Another way to tell is if one or more cylinders gets so hot that the plastic air cleaner housing feels soft. Let's hope you're not at that point...

Replacing the reed valves is pretty easy to do, but you will want to pay attention to a few things before diving into it.

First and foremost, make sure you don't get any debris down in the cylinder area! This can cause damage to the cylinder walls and seals. If debris does manage to fall down in the cylinder cavity, blow it out with compressed air. If you're working on your only air compressor, pick up a can of compressed air because it's better than nothing.

Naturally, the fiber gasket will stick to the cylinder head. Since you don't want debris down there, take a look at some softening agents or a liquid / cream cleaner like "Goo Gone", or similar that will dissolve adhesives and sealants.

Using a scraper without some sort of liquid agent might gouge the metal and keep the gaskets from sealing properly. Just be extra careful when removing the old gasket and you should be fine.



Kit Contents

2 x Valve Plate Assemblies and 3 x Gaskets

Kit Repair Usage

Single Cylinder


Total Kit


Paper Gasket


Graphite Gasket



Square Bolt Pattern


Bore Size


Part Compatibility List

Shipping Weight
Weight: 1 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 8 in × 6 in × 2 in