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MB Tough Convoluted Poly Sweeper Brush Replacement Kits

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M-B Tough Poly Brush Convoluted Replacement Kit
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Quick Overview: 
  • Full sweeper brush kits for sweeping equipment and attachments
  • Bristles made with poly materials
  • Convoluted wafer design for bigger area and less individual brushes
  • View purchase options for all lengths, sizes and diameters


Looking to replace all of the brushes on your sweeping equipment?  The M-B Tough line of brushes is designed to fit most, if not all manufacturers of sweeper equipment.

If you're wondering when or why to buy the kit instead of individual wafers, the benefit is simple: You'll save a bunch of money.  If you know you only need a small set of wafers to replace some damaged ones, we can help with those but if you're looking at a completely worn out brush setup, save money and get the full replacement kit instead.

This is a full poly bristle sweeper brush kit to service various sweeping equipment and attachments that can accommodate convoluted bristle wafers.

Includes all of the necessary brushes to properly create a full sweeper brush kit.  (Spacers are not necessary with convoluted brushes)

Made with Polypropylene - Used when nominal cutting forces are required.  The flicking action of the poly bristle provides superior casting distance.

Convoluted Wafers - Designed with a wavy pattern at the core ring to create a larger surface area when sweeping and eliminating the need for spacers.

Got a fleet of sweepers or attachments that need replacement brushes?  Feel free to contact us for a bulk order quote: +1(800) 689-2098

Choose brush sizes between:

  • 20" OD x 5" ID
  • 25" OD x 6-3/8" ID
  • 25" OD x 10" ID
  • 32" OD x 10" ID

All M-B replacement kits are known to be fully compatible with the following manufacturers:

  • John Deere
  • M-B Companies
  • Sweepster

The 25" OD x 10" ID sizes are known to be compatible with the following manufacturers:

  • Ariens
  • M-B Companies
  • Toro

The M-B Tough replacement kits may be compatible with the following manufacturers:

  • Ariens
  • Balderson
  • Bobcat
  • Broce
  • Case
  • Caterpillar
  • Eddynet
  • Holder
  • Kanlan
  • Kubota
  • Lay-Mor
  • M-B Companies
  • New Holland
  • Superior Broom
  • Waldon
  • York

Always check your service manual for the correct brush type, size, and length before purchase.


Flat vs Convoluted

If you're new to sweeper brush replacements then you've probably noticed some are called Flat or Wafers and others are called Convoluted.

Flat Brushes

Flat wafers have a flat core ring that requires spacers between each wafer.

The biggest benefit of using flat wafers is that you get more overall bristles through the length of the sweeper brush.

Flat wafers are usually more expensive than convoluted but some industries just prefer the flat style and stick with it.

Convoluted Brushes

Convoluted wafers have a wavy core ring and this wavy design removes the need for spacers.

The biggest benefit of using convoluted wafers is that you save money.  There's less to install, less to ship so less overall cost.

While the convoluted brushes don't have as many bristles as the flat version, their cleaning power is pretty close to being the same.  Overall, convoluted wafers have become the industry standard and if you aren't sure which one to go with, save some money and go with the convoluted kit.

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25" x 5"

25" x 6-3/8"

25" x 10"

32" x 10"

3' Kit



4' Kit





5' Kit




6' Kit



7' Kit



8' Kit


9' Kit


10' Kit


11' Kit


12' Kit


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