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Bigfoot Line Striping Layout Tool

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Bigfoot Layout Tool
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Quick Overview: 
  • Perfect for single line striping contractors
  • Includes hanger for Marking Tape and Chalk Box
  • Snap a 100' chalk line or longer with ease, by yourself!


The Bigfoot Layout tool was originally designed by veteran line striper Bill Feldmen more than 20 years ago as a "helper" for the single man line stripers. There are a lot of one-man line striping professionals out there who struggle with various methods of snapping lines or holding a line marking tape tight but Bill figured out a better way and that is the Bigfoot Layout Tool.  Bill is no longer in the game, but his legacy continues with this product and we are honored to have been a part of knowing and working with him.

The Bigfoot Layout tool is very basic in design, but it does wonders for line striping professionals. You can pull a 150' and longer chalk line TIGHT with absolutely no movement from the layout tool. Same thing with a 300' marking tape. For only being about 2-1/2 feet tall, it weighs in at about 23lbs. From our experience though, 23lbs is plenty heavy for most professionals. It also has a padded rubber bottom to ensure maximum traction on any surface.

For the money, you can't go wrong with the Bigfoot Layout tool. It will pay itself back in the first use and make your jobs faster and easier, making you more money in the long run.

The layout tool comes with a carrying attachment for holding your chalk box and measuring tape. Keep the tape and chalk with the layout tool and you'll never forget where you left them when you're done. It also has a built-in clip at the base for attaching your measuring tape end and a unique "under the foot" design for the chalk box string so the string is perfectly flat against the ground for snapping.

The base and hanger are powdercoated for enhanced durability with construction orange for easy visibility on those days you can't seem to remember where you parked your truck.

It also includes a caribiner so you can attach a rope or chain (not included) for creating arcs or circles.  Buy two layout tools and create perfect arcs, circles and angles with ease!

The Bigfoot Layout is disassembled for easier shipping purposes so some assembly is required.  (Assembly only takes 15 - 20 min)


Shipping Weight
Weight: 25 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 16 in × 14 in × 6 in