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Ennis-Flint EF Series Fast Dry Waterborne 5 Gallon Paint Half Pallet TT-P-1952F Type 1

Overview showing a pallet with a single white bucket of Ennis-Flint PPG fast dry traffic paint
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Ennis-Flint EF Series Fast Dry Waterborne Paint Half Pallet
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Quick Overview: 
  • On the APL / QPL for many states
  • Meets or Exceeds Federal Spec TT-P-1952F Type I & II
  • For use on streets, highways, parking lots, asphalt or concrete
  • 5 gallon buckets on a pallet, totaling 16 pails (80 gallons) of paint
  • Mix-and-match colors on a pallet (prices may vary; call for purchase)
  • 100% acrylic polymer latex
  • Fast Dry and Low VOC


Get a half pallet of waterborne line marking paint that has great durability, meets US Federal specifications, and drys fast. The Ennis-Flint by PPG series of line marking paints is a fantastic 100% acrylic polymer latex paint with Low VOC that is perfect for all types of pavement marking needs.

These are sold in bulk pallets that are great for medium projects or for contractors and municipalities that are looking for a medium supply of quality line striping paint to last them throughout the year.

The Ennis-Flint by PPG 985200 series meets or exceeds the US Federal specification: TT-P-1952F Type I (Type 1) and Type II (Type 2) making it ideal for any federal project and almost all other types of projects that don't require state approval.

Listed in many state APL / QPL, you can buy in confidence knowing this specific formula is allowed to go down on state** highways, roads, and streets.  It is also approved as a Federal paint for airport runways where higher-spec paints aren't called for, or it can just as well be used on parking lots.  Basically anywhere asphalt or portland cement is used, this product will work just fine.

** Always check with your state APL / QPL before purchase.

The "No Pickup" time of this paint is 10 minutes or less but it dries to glass bead addition within 90 seconds @ 15mil. Keep that in mind if you're spreading glass beads by hand.  The full dry-through time is 2 hours or less @ 15mil thick, wet.

Another area you might be concerned with is the VOC limits which have become the primary force behind a lot of spec updates.  The Federal spec requires the VOC limit to be less than or equal to 150 g/L.  The 985200 series comes in at less than 100 g/L, so it's way under the federal limit for volatile organic compounds and designed to meet or exceed even a lot of the state-level specifications.

According to the federal spec, Type I is designed for use under normal conditions.  OK, but what does that mean?

Type I: For use under normal weather conditions, i.e., 50% relative humidity, moderate temperatures and slight breezes. Not for use at the greater thickness required for the larger diameter Type IV beads.

Type II: For use under adverse conditions, i.e., night striping, higher humidity (around 80%), low air movement and lower surface temperatures, down to 10°C (50°F). Not for use at the greater thickness required for the larger diameter Type IV beads.

In other words, 1952F Type I & II paint spec is a general use paint that is great for line marking and allows Type I or Type III glass beads.  It has an economical durability rating with a slightly better price point.

What you're getting with this purchase, is a full pallet of 5-gallon pails yielding 16 buckets for a total of 80 gallons of paint.  This product is only available in full pallet quantities however upon special request, we can mix-and-match the colors within the pallet.  The price may vary slightly on mix-and-match orders so feel free to call for a quote if you need a variety of colors +1(800) 689-2098

General Coverage

106 square feet per gallon at 15 mils wet film
320 linear feet per gallon, 4-inch line at 15 mils wet film thickness

Standard Colors

Handicap Blue
Bike Lane Green

Mix and Match Colors

We offer mixing and matching of the available colors in any combination.

We've created a handful of common configurations for colors in the add-to-cart area so if you don't see the configuration that works for your order, please call in your order +1(800) 689-2098.

To check out the list of pre-defined combinations, click the "Color" dropdown above and then choose "Mix and Match" which will give you another dropdown list of options.

Please note that different colors have different costs so custom quotes will be given for any mix-match orders that aren't in the dropdown of the add-to-cart area.

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  • Superior durability

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Fast drying under a wide range of climatic conditions

  • Remains flexible over time

  • Can be applied with conventional or airless spray equipment

  • No thinning necessary


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Weight: 2287 lb
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