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Aluminum Bucket Opener For Plastic Pails With Hammer Head

Overview of an aluminum pail opener
Bucket Pail Opener
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Quick Overview: 
  • Made from cast aluminum
  • Opens plastic and metal buckets with ease


Have you ever struggled with the lid on a bucket? Maybe the pail has a special lid that makes it really secure and that includes opening it. We offer a few products with buckets that we call the "super pails" because the lids are extremely hard to remove once they are put on.

The pail opener we have is cast aluminum and will last longer than your average plastic bucket opener. It also includes a small hammer for re-sealing the bucket lid if you need to keep the material inside the bucket from drying.

Shipping Weight
Weight: 1 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 7 in × 5 in × 2 in