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5 Gallon Toluene Paint Thinner and Cleaner

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5 Gallon Toluene
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Quick Overview: 
  • Fast evaporating solvent
  • Works better and faster than Mineral Spirits
  • Perfect for general cleaning or paint thinning


Our 5 Gallon pail of Toluene is a fantastic solvent and latex paint cleaner that can also be used as a paint thinner.

Toluene has a better cutting power than mineral spirits and in fact, takes the "dry" parts of mineral spirits to leave you with a non-oily solvent.

Toluene is perfect for general cleaning of metal parts, however, you will want to keep Toluene away from rubber components such as o-rings and plastic. Most types of rubber and plastic will dissolve in Toluene.

One of the main problems with Toluene is the toxicity when inhaled or prolonged exposure to skin. Toluene will affect your nervous system causing irritability and a feeling of drunkenness and in large doses could cause serious health problems. You should never use them in any sizeable quantity in a room without good exhaust.

Shipping Weight
Weight: 46 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 14 in × 14 in × 16 in