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BIG A Calcium Chloride Ice Melt and Pre-Treatment 5 Gallon Pellet Mix

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image: 5 gallon pail of the big a pellet ice melt
5 Gallon Big A Pellet Ice Melt
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Quick Overview: 
  • Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets
  • Makes up to 16 gallons of solution
  • **Safe for all pavements (concrete over 1 yr)


Big A Pellet Ice Melt Overview

Our 5 gallon pail of BIG A Pellet Ice Melt is pure Calcium Chloride and makes a perfect ice and snow melt for homeowners or small businesses looking for a pre-treatment solution to keep their pavement and sidewalks from icing down to -30º F.

If you convert the 5 gallon pail of pellet ice melt to a liquid pre-treatment solution, you will be able to make 16 gallons of 30% solution.  One gallon of solution can cover approximately 800 - 1000 sq ft, making this product ideal for areas with light to moderate snowfall per season.

Dry Application Quick Overview

If you decide to use our Calcium Chloride based solution as a dry pellet mix, we recommend a liberal and even application over the area that needs melted.  Using a cup or some sort of scooping container, sprinkle the BIG A Ice Melt Pellets over the snow or ice.

Liquid Application Quick Overview

Using a common garden sprayer found at your local hardware store, simply add the appropriate amount of Big A Pellet Ice Melt bags to your sprayer and add water. Stir with the wand and begin spraying. One 2.5 lb bag will make 1 gallon of solution. When mixing more than one gallon of solution at a time, for example a 2 gallon sprayer, make 1 gallon of solution at a time. Add 1 bag of Pellet, then water and stir. Once mixed, add the second bag, then add the second remaining gallon of water and stir.

How It Works

When the Big A Pellet Ice Melt comes in contact with water, the calcium chloride creates a chemical reaction that creates heat as a result. If improperly mixed, the heat created might cause burns. We highly recommend wearing protective gear to eliminate burn injury.

Ratios To Consider

Protection down to -30º F (~30% solution) 2.5 lbs (5.5 cups) of Big A Pellet Ice Melt in one gallon of water solution.
Protection down to -20º F (~26% solution) Add 2 lbs (4 ½ cups) of Big A Pellet Ice Melt in one gallon of water solution.
Protection down to -4º F (~22% solution) Add 1.75lbs (3 ¼ cups) of Big A Pellet Ice Melt to one gallon of water solution.

Things To Consider


Take note that the heat created when converting to a liquid, can cause the container to become fairly hot. When adding water, use cool water and add all of the required amount before stirring. We highly recommend wearing insulated gloves for handling the container and keeping the solution from splashing onto your skin. The solution itself won’t hurt you but the hot water might cause burns. Once the solution is properly mixed to the 30% ratio, the temperature of the solution will be around 90º F which is well within safety margins.


Calcium Chloride is an oxidizer which means it can cause metal parts to oxidize much faster than normal. For this reason, we recommend using only plastic containers for storing and applying the Big A Pellet Ice Melt. If the solution comes in contact with any metal parts, rinse with water and wipe off any residue with a wet rag.

Concrete Do not apply to concrete that is less than 1 year old.

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Product Weight

40 lbs

Active Ingredient

Calcium Chloride

Instructions Overview


1. If using a common garden sprayer, ensure any residual contents are discarded and the tank has been rinsed with water.
2. Clean all dust, dirt and foreign matter from pavement. (Safe for all pavement types)
3. Best results when pavement surface is dry.


RATIO: 2.5lbs (5.5 cups) of Big A Ice Melt Pellets per gallon of solution. (~30% mixture)
1. Add Big A Ice Melt to sprayer tank.
2. Add water to appropriate fill line. (Add all necessary water at once. See Precautions Below)
3. Stir well until all solids are dissolved. (2-3 min)(If using a garden sprayer, the spray wand can be used for stirring. Allow sprayer to cool before pressurizing.)


1. Spray mixture onto pavement surface in a solid low pressure stream. As a ice preventer prior to a weather or storm event. A snake pattern of back and forth with 6-8 inches between each pass is sufficient for normal snowfall. Icy conditions may require more coverage.
2. Rinse applicator with water when finished.
3. Pellets may be distributed directly on heavy or thicker ice: use approximately ¼ cup to each square yard spread evenly


Warning: contents may be hot when mixing. Liquid will heat approximately 2.8⁰ F for each 1%. In a 30% solution, the water temperature will have a heat increase of about 84⁰F.

Repeated contact may cause skin irritation or burning, wash or rinse with plenty of water

Pet owners are advised to keep pets away

Ice melt should not be applied to concrete that is less than one year old


Do not store in metal container. May cause corrosion. Solid product must be stored in airtight plastic containers. Liquid product can remain in plastic applicator until next usage. Keep sealed.


Covers approximately 800 - 1000sq ft per gallon. (Variance depends on application needs)


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Shipping Weight
Weight: 44 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 13 in × 13 in × 16 in