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3/4 Inch Spray Wand Hose CamLock Quick Connect

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3/4" Spray Wand CamLock Quick Connect
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Quick Overview: 
  • CamLock style quick connect
  • Choose between polypropylene or aluminum
  • Fits 3/4" spray hose and 3/4" NPT threads


Sealcoating Quick Connect Camlock for spray hose makes swapping wands and equipment easier. Read on to learn how a CamLock quick connect might save you time and money.

There are two ways to hook up a sealcoating hose to your wand:

  1. Static Barb so it never comes off
  2. Quick Connects so you can easily swap out wands

Most equipment ships standard with static barbs because let's face it... not everyone uses attachments or more than one wand.

For those of you who use any combination of 6' wands, 8' wands, spray edgers, double tip wands, trigger wands, ball valve wands, power squeegees or you name it when you're on the job site, having a quick connect on your hose and wand equipment can save you a ton of time when switching things out.

Instead of cutting the hose and re-clamping which can take precious time, install a CamLock quick connect on the hose and wand so you can quickly and easily take the hose off when you're done for the day or need to switch to a different wand type.

Sold as a "set", you'll receive the male camlock / male thread piece and the male barb / female camlock piece. Also included are two cotter pins. Hose clamp NOT included. You will need to pick up a hose clamp with a minimum diameter of around 1-1/6 to 1-1/4" SAE #12 1/2" band clamp.

Material Options

We have two different material options to choose from. You can either choose Aluminum or Glass Filled Polypropylene Plastic.

We recommend the Aluminum for most scenarios however you may have a low use situation or caustic material where the plastic camlock makes more sense.

We'll leave the decision up-to you, but in most cases the Aluminum is camlock is going to be superior to the Plastic.

Individual Pieces

We do also offer the individual pieces to these camlock fittings via phone orders only +1(800) 689-2098. If demand becomes large enough, we will be happy to add these to the site for direct purchase. Until then, they must be ordered over the phone. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Product SKU List

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ABS Plastic




Required Hose Size


Barb OD (Outside Diameter)

0.82" (crest) 0.73" (valley)

Barb ID (Inside Diameter)


Thread OD (Outside Diameter)

1" (3/4" M-ADP MIP Style F)

Thread ID (Inside Diameter)


Shipping Weight
Weight: 1 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 7 in × 5 in × 2 in