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1 Gallon GT Cleaner Equipment and Surface Paint Remover

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1 Gallon GT Cleaner Paint Remover
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Quick Overview: 
  • 1 Gallon container for home or contractor use
  • Cleans paint application machines and equipment
  • Perfect for overspray and buildup
  • Won't strip exisitng factory paint job


Get a 1 Gallon container of the GT Cleaner to use on paint machines and equipment. Simply spray or rub the GT cleaner on the machine, lightly agitate and rinse with water.

The GT Cleaner is a Ready-To-Use water based cleaner and stripper that will safely remove and strip dried paint and overspray from paint equipment. The GT Cleaner paint remover is perfect for field marking and traffic airless striping equipment as well as all other paint machines.

You can also use the GT Cleaner as a conditioner and winterize fluid to clean and protect the engine, chassis, hoses and spray tips.

You'll find the GT Cleaner is strong enough to remove dried paint and over-spray from bulk airless paint machines used in field marking or traffic striping but it's not strong enough to strip the original paint off the machine. It's not just for the machine though, use it on the frame, hoses or anywhere you need to remove old paint build-up.

You can also pump the GT Cleaner through your spray machine to loosen and remove dried paint debris inside hoses, pumps, spray guns and spray tips. It also acts as an antifreeze which lets you leave the GT Cleaner paint remover inside the machine for winter months to keep the engine and other parts from freezing.

As with any chemical cleaning wear protective eyeglasses and proper clothing. Avoid contact with skin. Use product as is or can be thinned with equal parts of water.

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1 Gallon: Single


1 Gallon: Case of 4



  • Easy to use paint remover that rinses with water

  • Safe water-based cleaner for dried traffic, field or architectural paint from air-less bulk spray machines

  • Pour in, spray through or leave in spray machine

  • Clean, condition, winterize airless spray machines with one product

  • Use with all major brands of paint spray machines and air-less spray equipment

Shipping Weight
Weight: 4 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 12 in × 8 in × 4 in