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BIGA CamTip Quick Connect For Threaded Spray Nozzles

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BIGA CamTip Spray Nozzle
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Quick Overview: 
  • Quick and easy tip swap
  • Universally fits many existing 1/2" pipe applications
  • Great for all kinds of industries that use threaded spray tips
  • Sold as a kit for the sealcoating industry


Have you ever needed a quick, easy, and low-cost way to swap out different spray tips for a threaded nozzle? The BIGA CamTip™ is the answer for you.

Designed around adapting to 3/4" NPT fittings, this easy quick connect system can help you swap between tips with ease. We made it specifically as a nitche product for the sealcoating industry spray wands and spray bars, but really any industrial equipment that doesn't need a fancy tip setup can benefit from the BIGA CamTip.

The tip adapter is for a standard 3/8" NPT thread spray tip but if you need the smaller 1/4" thread, adding a brass reducer bushing is easy and inexpensive.

We've designed this to be as small and compact as possible, using standard 1/2" Camlock fittings made from aluminum.

Usage is breeze. Simply screw the female camlock fitting onto your wand or pipe, next screw your 3/8" tip into the tip adapter and lock the adapter into the femal camlock fitting.

For sealcoaters, this is a great way to easily swap between different sized tips throughout the job and at the end of the day, pop the tip out and drop it in your favorite cleaner for the night.

Two of the biggest benefits of the BIGA CamTip is not only the ability to pop in different tips with little effort, but also your ability to dial the nozzle fan to the exact position that makes sense for your setup. You can get a perfect fan placement and not have to sacrifice leaking tips that are installed finger tight for easy removal but can't be leak-proof in the right position without tools. Another added benefit is that it helps save time when trying to troubleshoot clogged tips. Pop it out, inspect and clean and pop it back in.

If you're the type of sealcoater who prefers finger-tight tips, you probably won't be interested in this product but if you like your spray wands to be as clean as possible, our BIGA CamTip can help keep the tip of your wand from leaking and causing issues with your spray stream.

Please note that some sealcoat manufacturers install a wand pipe to slide your wand into. These might not accept your wand with the CamTip installed. Hanger style systems won't be a problem.

This is a great product to add to spray bar systems that use a bunch of spray tips to cover a larger area. When it comes time to replace the tips, pop out the old, insert the new and keep moving.

What You'll Get

1 x 3/4" NPT Steel Street Elbow to 1/2" NPT
1 x 1/2" Camlock Plug
1 x 1/2" Female Camlock
3 x 1/2" Male Camlock Tip Adapter for 3/8" NPT Threads

Shipping Weight
Weight: 2 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 12 in × 9 in × 2 in