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Covid Message

Due to the quarantine and virus situation, we are closely monitoring supply chain activities that might cause fulfillment issues and to date, most of our products and suppliers are shipping normally.


We highly recommend that you refrain from scheduling any projects until you have the product in hand!  We are not living in "Normal" times due to the Covid-19 hype and circumstances surrounding it, therefore shipping and fulfillment expectations, may not be "normal".

Suppliers & Products

At this time, most of our suppliers are working normally, but we do experience slower than normal activity from some of our suppliers on rare occasions. If a product has a known fulfillment problem, we will do our best to indicate it on the respective product page.


We have been seeing a longer than normal ship time from the major carriers. If you are seeing delays caused by the shipping carrier, we suggest that you contact the respective shipping company directly.

Keep in mind that shipping situations may change without notice and may cause further delays. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding fulfillment or shipping. +1(800) 689-2098