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ASD10FK & ASD15FK - 10 Gallon & 15 Gallon Mini Melter Applicator Owners Manual

ASD10FK & ASD15FK Mini Melter Applicator

Operation and User Guide

Revision 1.1

Understanding and using common sense with regular maintenance, will ensure many years of use from your ASD Mini Melter Applicator.

Upon receiving your equipment, inspect it for damage or missing parts and report to us immediately.
Position the burner and point away from combustible material. Insert Direct Fire sealer into kettle, 50 to 100 pounds, removing cardboard but allowing plastic bag to remain as it will be melted with sealer.

Turn on the propane bottle slowly, and after removing the kettle burner and pointing it away from you or combustibles, open the needle valve on burner to start the flow of propane and use a striker to light the burner torch.

Reinsert the burner into kettle without smothering the flame. If your flame is smothered while inserting the burner, it is EXTREMLY IMPORTANT to allow all unburned gas to be vented from kettle before relighting burner.

If wind is a factor, position kettle so it is downwind. Shielding may also be necessary.

Make certain that the torch is positioned properly into burner slot and pushed all the way into the kettle.

The gas pressure can be adjusted as needed by the needle valve after the kettle burner is drawing air; this will only take a moment.

The ASD10FK and ASD15FK will be ready to draw off liquid as soon as melting temperature is reached. Typical melting temperatures will vary by product manufacture, normally 7 to 10 minutes under normal conditions.

It is not necessary to wait for the block to melt completely before beginning the crack sealing process. You can begin crack filling as soon as the sealer begins melting as this is a much more efficient way to operate your applicator.

Do not over-heat your sealer above 400 degrees as this may destroy the sealer. Optimal temperatures for Direct Fire sealers are between 250 degrees to 350 degrees.

Stir the melted sealer frequently as this will increase rate and help melt the poly bag to keep it from plugging the valve.

If you allow the temperature to exceed 400 degrees, flashing may occur. This is when the sealer catches on fire. If this happens, keep the lid closed and turn off the gas immediately. Do NOT use water to extinguish! We recommend you always keep an extinguisher capable of extinguishing oil related fires.

You do not need to drain your kettle after each use. The remaining sealer will harden and can be re-melted the next time you use it.

Recommended maintenance includes lubrication, check for loose parts and gas fittings. Keeping your kettle dry is also necessary and advised.

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