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Federal Specification Traffic Paint Information

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As of this writing, this page is currently only a holding place for information regarding the US Federal traffic paint specification information. Once enough information has been collected, this document will be formalized. Take all information "as-is". We do not guarantee the authenticity or validate that it is official information.

Colors can be viewed at:

Federal Specification TT-P-115F

Created: 12/05/1984
Canceled: 7/13/1999

Scope: Suitable for application to traffic bearing surfaces such as Portland cement, concrete, bituminous pavement and plain or vitrified brick surfaces of streets, highways, bridges, tunnels and parking lots.

Type I - Slow Drying
Type II - Fast Drying

Yellow: (Orange Yellow) Federal Spec #33538 | HEX: #FFB700
White & Colors are not given a priority standard

Federal Specification TT-P-1952E

Created: 01/07/1994
Superseded by: TT-P-1952F

Scope: This specification covers three types of low VOC (volatile organic compounds), ready-mixed, one-component, 100% acrylic waterborne airfield and traffic marking paint. The paint is suitable for application on such traffic-bearing surfaces as Portland cement concrete, bituminous cement concrete, sphalt, tar, and previously painted areas of these surfaces. The paint may be used either alone or to bind reflective beads.

Type I - For use under normal conditions
Type II - For use under adverse conditions
Type III - For increased durability

a. Yellow – 33538 | HEX: #FFB700
b. Green – 34108 | HEX: #476E56
c. Black – 37038 | HEX: #424243
d. Blue -- 35180 | HEX: #19469B
e. Red – 31136 | HEX: #A84946
f. White -- 37925 | HEX: #FBF8F6