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Oregon Travel Experience

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Philip Dempsey
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(503) 871-2594
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TIC is a semi-independent State of Oregon agency created in the 1970s to operate the highway blue logo sign program following the Highway Beautification Act. We also operate the Oregon Historical Marker and Heritage Tree Programs, and a growing number of rest areas.

We operate staffed rest areas at 17 locations around Oregon, providing clean, safe and inviting locations that are open and free to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And they are used… by about 15 million people last year, and that doesn’t count all those who use the rest area only to stretch their legs, exercise a pet, or get a cup of free coffee from our non-profit volunteers. We assist travelers with everything from lost keys, wallets and cell phones, to working with Oregon State Polices to request safety checks and assist travelers in distress.