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UNIQUE Paving Materials

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Michael Pemberton
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(855) 210-4397
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When it comes to asphalt, concrete, and blacktop repair companies, UNIQUE Paving Materials is the premier choice for all of your road repair needs. Different regions in North America experience different climates and weather patterns which can make pavement repair and preservation challenging, something we always take into account with our materials.
Unlike other asphalt repair companies, UNIQUE Paving Materials provides products that are suited for each and every season and weather condition. With the careful testing and perfecting of our materials, our repair products are known for their adaptability and ease of use.
Asphalt and concrete repairs should be easy and cost efficient, whether you have one pothole or a major paving project. Since 1959, UNIQUE Paving Materials has manufactured road repair materials that save time, money and repeated repairs. As one of the nation’s leading asphalt repair companies, we remain committed to delivering high-performance products.