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Meriden Asphalt Paving Contractors

190 Center St. Unit 496 Meriden
CT 06450
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(860) 200-2508
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​We specialize in residential as well as commercial asphalt paving. We love our job, we love paving and we love proving how good we are! What you are going to love is how great the finished product will be at the affordable price we quote you. It would be so much better if when you went to get your news paper in your driveway, (because the mail boy isn't any good at aiming at your front door for some reason) you could walk without having to dodge all those dangerous crack, you would simply just walk down your driveway, sip on your coffee or tea, and enjoy how the beautiful sun warms your face! You would be able to focus on what really matters in life, the small things. As crazy as that may sound, we want that for you! We will not let you down, and without a shadow of a doubt will make you feel extremely happy with the way your paved driveway will look. We can't wait to get paving for you! Now, one question - Why haven't you called us or filled the email contact form above yet? Let's do this!