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UC Concrete & Masonry

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Union City
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Bob Thomas
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(510) 399-0249
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We build retaining walls that inspire immediate trust for the purpose they uphold; that's because they not only look tough, they are tough. Picture for a moment a marble flooring to your kitchen or living room. Stupendous, right? Well at UC Concrete & Masonry you always get the maximum quality in Union City stone masonry, so don't hesitate to let us make that picture a reality. Our natural stone also works miracles for kitchen countertops, columns, and retaining walls that could be even tougher than brick. Like how your home looks already but would not mind using a slight repair job done? UC Concrete & Masonry is, to put it simply, the go-to option for excellence in Union City concrete and masonry construction. Let us help you bring your ideas to life by calling our number today.