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Cupertino Pro Concrete

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Carl Cuperstone
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(408) 549-9009
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A fireplace with stone veneer or stone of granite. All it and more comes from the bunch that family is called by us, and you may just call wizards. After beholding the work we do with brick and brick pavers. Those fireplaces come back into play, as do patios and driveways. And why not? Our brick masonry looks amazing. This goes for retaining walls and pool coping. For all of these and more we offer repair and refurbishing of the quality, making the old look new again through methods like concrete grinding, concrete overlay, paver and slab replacement, sealing, cool decking, and a good deal more. At Cupertino Pro Concrete a landscape is not only enhanced by us, we make it more functional for you. It's a big part. Contact us today for construction that lasts well beyond tomorrow.