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Used Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment

2022 Notice: While supply chain problems are better than last year, we anticipate them to continue for 2022. Please expect some delays. view details

Purchasing good quality Used Sealcoating Equipment can save you money and with a little luck, it can last many years. When your looking over the equipment you will need to know who manufactured it, how old it is and where can you purchase replacement parts from.

Ask why the owner is selling it and if possible, its always a good idea to see the equipment run and operate. You should be very interested in the operational aspect of the pumps, compressor and all engines. Also check out the hydraulics making sure the tank agitation works both directions.

Good Used Sealcoating Equipment can save you up to ½ the cost of new equipment but if it fails after you get it to a job site, the cost just became more than what New Sealcoat Equipment would have cost.

Asphalt Sealcoating Direct offers both used equipment and new equipment to meet our customers needs.