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Choosing Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment

Selecting the correct Sealcoating Equipment will be a very important factor in developing a profitable and successful asphalt Seal Coating business.

If you have done your home work, then by now you probably know that there are several options you need to consider

If your new to this business, then you may feel that your at the mercy of sales people that just want your money, but there really are good companies that have your best interest in mind and will help you consider all of your options when purchasing Equipment.

These companies will guide you in the right direction.

Understanding all you can about asphalt sealcoating equipment and why some units are built differently will help you decide on the system that will work best for you.

You may want to read Asphalt Sealing System Options to help you understand the differences in equipment selection.

When selecting asphalt seal coating equipment, you should remember that this is your business image, and this equipment should make you look professional in front of your customer.

If your only going to do residential, you may not need a large sealcoating tank or a pressurized spray system. On the other hand if your going to be working on commercial seal coat applications you will need to consider a larger sealcoating equipment tank and possibly a trailer set-up .

Consider tank capacity before making your decision on which sealcoating tank you will need keeping in mind that some seal coating manufactures will give you a discount when you order more than 300 gallons of sealcoat.

Why would you purchase an asphalt sealcoat sprayer that only holds around 125 gallons, when you can purchase one for the same, or possibly less cost that will hold 300 or 550 gallons?

Also take into consideration the trailer or truck that will haul your sealcoating equipment. Remember that coal emulsion sealcoat liquid weighs approximately 9 pounds per gallon. Add the empty weight of your spray equipment and this will give you an accurate estimate of the axle capacity you will need.

The next step is to have the ability to apply the sealcoating material. Many asphalt sealcoaters are using the spray application method and if used correctly, it will increase your productivity and profitability.

Having the ability to spray the sealcoating material gives you the option to pump the material out through the hose wand and use a squeegee to cut in those tight areas like along buildings and concrete sidewalks.

We also offer a standard feature on our sealcoat sprayers that will allow you to draw sealer from another sealcoat tank into your main spray tank. This allows you the flexibility to keep bulk sealcoat on hand.

There are a certain group of sealcoaters that give this profession a bad name, these are the ones that go door to door and tell you that they have sealcoat material left over from a previous sealcoat job and they will discount it to you. A professional will calculate exactly how much they need for each job and should not have any left over material!

The bad reputation shouldn't be placed on using a spray system, which is by far the most effective and practical way to apply asphalt sealcoating liquid to asphalt, but more so on the dilution of the liquid.

When deciding on which asphalt sealcoating equipment is best for your business, be sure to compare application features and design. Make certain that the sales person is asking these same kind of questions and looking out for you and not for the company he sells for. Cost is important when purchasing sealcoating equipment but remember that cheaper is not always better.

I talk to many people that are simply looking for cheaper because they are on a tight budget and they end up purchasing something that really don't perform the task that they need.

If your just getting started in the asphalt sealcoating business, you you may not completely understand the differences in sealcoating equipment sprayers and design. Most spray equipment on the market work basically the same with the exception of the agitation and pump systems.

The agitation system is what keeps the sealcoating liquid stirred up during use.

Some asphalt sealcoating systems use "By-pass flow" that allow the system to recirculate and keep the sealer in motion which will eliminate the need for "Hand Agitation" and do an excellent job of keeping the inside of the tank clean and the material well mixed.

Others without this "Mixing" action may allow the sand to settle.

This sand and missed sealer will eventually become a "sand bar" in the tank which will need to be cleaned out at the end of the season to keep it from breaking into pieces and clogging your system.

Our top-quality heavy-gauge steel and poly sealcoating tanks will last for many many years with no risk of cracking or loss of strength.

If possible, try and purchase a spray tank that you or one of your guys can fit inside the tank, this will allow them to scrape the tank easily and remove clumps of sand and sealer.

Keeping all of these points in mind will help ensure that the investment you make in your sealcoating equipment will be a good one. Remember; at we only represent asphalt sealcoating equipment manufactures and equipment that we know will serve you well for years to come.

Give us a call today, our trained asphalt sealcoating equipment professionals can understand your needs and plans and help you find the best for you from our many models of asphalt sealcoating equipment, then feel free to look at other manufacturers and especially to ask successful contractors who have been sealcoating asphalt for years.

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