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6.5 HP DuroMax Industrial Motor with 2" Transfer Pump

6.5 HP DuroMax Industrial Motor with 2" Transfer Pump


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Quick Overview: 
  • 6.5 HP Engine
  • 2" Industrial Pump
  • Made with cast iron parts to reduce wear from abrasives
  • NOTE: We are no longer carrying the DuroMax pumps. We have found over the years they are not a good fit for the quality standards we hold for our equipment and chose to phase them out spring 2017. That said, we do still have access to the pumps in case you need a direct replacement, however we are no longer selling them with our equipment or as a direct purchase item. We ARE still selling the replacement seals in case you own one and need to repair the pump seals. If you need a pump, check out our Honda / Banjo pump combination.

    Our DuroMax XP652WP is a low cost industrial grade motor with a 2" transfer pump. It features a cast iron cylinder *6.5 HP engine which also has a rugged cast iron cylinder sleeve, radial ball bearing output shaft support and oil alert.

    The pump features an all metal housing with a rugged cast iron impeller and diffuser, along with carbon/mechanical shaft seals which can be easily replaced in about 30 minutes in the field and come with complete instructions..

    Despite being a low cost setup, the DuroMax engine & pump combo is a lot beefier than the competitive low cost units. For example, many competitive 2" pumps are powered by a small 4 hp engine and use plastic housings and impellers which will wear quickly if your sealer is heavy or abrasive. Despite being a lower cost engine / pump combo, we have had great performance with these units on our systems.

    As an additional feature, the inlet manifold can be un-bolted and rotated to three different positions to allow better flexibility when attaching the inlet hose.

    *Actual specifications of the motor is rated at a "Normal Operation" of 6.5 HP whereas the box and physical labels on the motor, state 7 HP which is the "Max Power" rating. In any case, the actual HP vs the labeled HP of the motor doesn't make any difference with how we sell the product to be used with sealcoating material on products such as our ASD275 Tote System for example. We design and test our systems around an engine that works for the unit application as opposed to a specific power output.


    EPA Approved: 
    California Emission Approved: 
    Normal Operation Power Output: 
    6.5 HP
    Maximum Operation Power Output: 
    7.0 HP
    Fuel Type: 
    Fuel Capacity: 
    1.0 US Gallon
    Oil Capacity: 
    0.63 US Qt
    Low Oil: 
    Automatic Shut off
    Overhead (OHV)
    Pull Start
    Intake & Outlet Size: 
    2'' ID (Inside Diameter)
    Check Valve: 
    Vertical Lift Height: 
    91 ft
    Suction Height: 
    26 ft
    Gallons Per Minute: 
    158 gpm
    Run-Dry Capable: 
    *Pumps Solids: 
    Intake hose end strainer
    Threaded hose ends connectors & clamps
    Tool kit w/ plug wrench
    Unit Specifications
    18.7"L x 15.6"W x 15.4"H
    60 lbs
    Additional Notes
    The unit pump is self-priming, however we highly recommend priming the pump manually to guarantee no dryrun damage.
    The pump will handle solids such as sand, slate or other abbrasive materials. Does not mean it will pump "solid like" materials


    1 Year Limited

    This product comes with a 1 year (12 month) limited warranty from the time of purchase.

    Parts that are not explicitly made by this manufacturer, may come with a different warranty period or policy. See this products respective operations manual for a detailed version of the warranty policy and a full list of items that are covered or may become void due to improper maintenance.


    PDF icon DuroMax XP652WP Manual927.13 KB

    Replacement / Add-on Parts

    The following are a list of replacement or add-on parts for this product.

    Preview Product Cost
    Image: Pump Shaft Seal 2" DuroMax 6.5 HP Shaft Seal Replacement $49.99

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